- In Possibility Management an Action is defined as any gesture that has energy. This definition for Action is more refined than our typical understanding of an Action that only includes gross level physical movement. In Possibility Management examples of Actions include: physical motion, speaking a word, having an idea, insinuation, inspiration, Feeling, placing your Attention, moving your Attention, placing your Center, keeping your Center, making a conscious or unconscious wish, internal emotional reactions, Declaring, Asking, Choosing, and so on. In general, the more subtle the Action, the more energy it contains. (See Center, Declaring, Purpose, Results)

ADULT (RESPONSIBLE ADULT OR ADULT EGO STATE; KING OR QUEEN ARCHETYPE) - As defined by Dr. Eric Berne in his Map of Parent Adult Child Ego States, an Ego State is a self-contained set of ideas, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors with which a person is Identified. In the child ego state you have no power because you are stuck in the past. In the parent ego state you have no power because you are being adaptive to others. The Adult Ego State is where you have power because you own your Center, use your own voice, minimize your here and Now in a spacious present and take Responsibility for what is. The Responsible Adult also turns out to be the gateway to Archetypal Man and Archetypal Woman. (See Center, Communicator, Creator, Doer, Goddess, Identification, Map of Possibility, Now, Responsibility, Stellating Archetypes)

ARCHEARCHY - Archearchy is a form of human culture emerging as modern culture’s capitalistic patriarchal empire exceeds global tipping points and begins to crumble. Archearchy is a cultural context of radical responsibility propelled by the creative collaboration between the archetypal feminine and the archetypal masculine. Rather than a matriarch or a patriarch prevailing, in archearchy the initiated masculine and feminine archetypes prevail in creative collaboration. Archearchy is oriented more toward being present and being with, and less toward consuming, owning, having, going and doing. A symbol diagramming archearchy is a thin circle, representing the nothingness of the archetypal masculine, spaceholding an infinity sign representing the everythingness of the archetypal feminine. The way to participate in the feminine-masculine synergy of archearchy is to grow up, a procedure clearly lacking in modern culture. Therefore, access to archearchy begins at the fringes of modern culture and continues as steps over various initiatory bridges in the direction of adulthood. Archeologists are finding that previous to five thousand years ago human cultures functioned in various forms of matriarchy, where feminine forces shaped societies. Then patriarchy took over, with empire as its goal and competitive hierarchical structures as its means. In modern times patriarchal empire has exceeded planetary carrying capacities and thereby doomed itself to extinction. The future of humanity rests in archearchal cultures which due to their responsible and conscious orientation are sustainable. The following statement makes sense in archearchy: Through ongoing initiations a man gains the capacity to place his attention unwaveringly on his woman who then comes to life and remembers the way to the center of the great labyrinth.



ARCHETYPE - The Archetypal terminology used in Radiant Joy Brilliant Love comes from Possibility Management and is not derived from or associated with the work of Carl Gustav Jung. Jung evolved his deep-psychology "archetypes" in reference to the psychoanalytical context that he inherited from his teacher Sigmund Freud. Instead of relying on Jung's experiences we have done our own empirical research for over 30 years. These Experiments brought us directly into contact with the same sources that Jung must have tapped into to formulate his particular languaging. Instead of a psychological context we researched from a Possibility Context. Because we went fishing with a different net we caught a different sort of fish although we fished in the same sea. In Possibility Management, Archetypes are energetic configurations hard-wired into the Matrix of every human being. Archetypes are either responsible or irresponsible. Irresponsible Archetypes are awakened during childhood and used to create a workable defense strategy. Responsible Archetypes lie dormant until they are consciously initiated or Stellated through a modern rite of passage. Before Stellating Responsible Archetypes a human being must first be capable of Adult Responsibility, which does not occur until about fifteen years of age. Our modern culture does not provide a rite of passage process though which you can activate your Responsible Archetypes, so they remain switched off. If you want your Responsible Archetypes activated you are forced to go outside of the culture and arrange it for yourself. This takes a lot of courage and entails certain real risks. Actions of people who have not gone through the process of Stellating their Responsible Archetypes are typically dominated by the Shadow Principles of their Irresponsible Archetypes. Archetypes are fueled by the energy of Feelings. Anger fuels the Responsible Doer (Warrior / Warrioress) or the Irresponsible Persecutor. Sadness fuels the Responsible Communicator (Lover) or the Irresponsible Victim. Fear fuels the Responsible Creator (Magician / Sorceress) or the Irresponsible Rescuer. And gladness fuels the Responsible Adult (King Man / Queen Goddess Woman) or the Irresponsible Gremlin. (The original idea for the names of these four Archetypes came from the title of a book by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, King Warrior Magician Lover.) (See Adult, Feelings, Gremlin, High Drama, Low Drama, Principle, Stellating Archetypes) ASKING - Asking is one of the three powers that you can use for Creating Possibility (the other two are Declaring and Choosing). Asking is particularly useful for Navigating Space. A question acts like an iron hook with a rope attached. When you throw the hook into the unknown what you grab onto depends on the design of the hook. There are 18 standard questions to Ask, each with its own Purpose. If a question grabs hold of an answer you can pull on the rope with your Attention. The pulling slides you and everyone you are in contact with into the new Space where the question landed. A particularly effective way to open new perspectives is to confront the present perspective with a question. Sometimes a question is too real to be Asked. If a real question is Asked it may be destroyed by an answer - then you must go find yourself another real question. An unasked real question sits in you until your Box conforms to the shape of the question and you become the answer. (See Attention, Dangerous Questions, Navigating Space, Real Question)

ATTENTION (CONSCIOUS ATTENTION) - Conscious Attention means paying Attention to your Attention, being aware of what you are aware of, or perceiving what you are perceiving with. Engaging Conscious Attention helps build Matrix upon which your consciousness can grow. Attention can also become conscious through paying Attention to your Purpose and considering, "What is my Purpose right Now?", or through deciding whether to use "point attention" or "field attention." Your attention is valuable because where your attention goes your energy flows. If you do not have your attention, something else does. Businesses spend billions every year trying to get your Attention. They do this for two reasons:
1) Because it works - most people's Attention is unguarded.
2) Because it is worth it - when they have your attention, they have your wallet. Putting your Attention on your Attention initiates a process that makes you less susceptible to being used for other people's Purposes and therefore more capable of consciously creating High Drama, exploring Extraordinary Human and Archetypal Relationship, and fulfilling your Destiny. (See Center, Destiny, High Drama, Matrix, Purpose, Relationship)

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