- Your Bag of Things hangs from your Possibility Manager Tool Belt. Within your Bag of Things is a Gap between worlds. What is in the Gap? Nothing. What is Possible in the Gap? Everything. Whenever you require a non-segued idea you simply reach into your Bag of Things and pull something out. You can never know what you will pull out of your Bag of Things until you pull it out and look at it. If you know what you will pull out before you pull it out then you are pulling it out of your Mind full of the known rather than out of the Bag of Things full of the unknown. (See Gap, "IS" Glue Dissolver, Nonlinear, Possibility Manager, Tool Belt)

BEING A SPACE - Being a Space is contrasted with being yourself. Being a Space means that you are Holding Space but you are not filling up that Space with the usual needs and wishes of your Box. Instead that Space is empty and consciously dedicated to serving your Destiny Principles. Possibility Management starts by teaching you how to listen as a Space called Possibility Listening, and to speak as a Space called Possibility Speaking. With practice you can learn to Be the Space through which the Principles that you serve can do their work. Your Box will only let you Be A Space after you realize that you already have everything that you need, a quality of the King / Archetypal Man and the Queen / Archetypal Woman. (See Box, Destiny, Holding Space, Space,)

BEING CENTER - You have two Centers, your Physical Center and your Being Center. Your Being Center is mobile and starts out about the size of a grapefruit. You move your Being Center around in various parts of your body for various Purposes. You also place your Being Center outside of your body when you give your Center away to either a general or specific authority figure. In Western cultures we tend to keep our Being Center in our heads. Being grows with Matrix. (See Being Centered, Matrix, Physical Center)

BEING CENTERED - Being Centered is a relationship to the world that is established through placing your Being Center on your Physical Center, an Action called Centering. Being Centered is one of the seven Core Skills of Possibility Management. (See Being Center, Core Skills, Physical Center)

BEING NOTHING - At the Archetypal level every man has immediate access to nothing in the same way that a zero represents a place where nothing is. Through Being Nothing man is the Space Holder of Relationship. It is Woman who fills the Space of Relationship that man Holds. Since we live in a Patriarchy men are artificially empowered by the structure of our society and are given no rite of passage into Adulthood. This leaves men handicapped by being trapped in adolescence. As a result modern man has a terrified Victim relationship to his own essential nothingness which could actually provide him with tremendous power. For example, once a man Stellates his Archetypes he can stay present in the Archetypal fear of Being Nothing. As nothing he can Experientially answer the question, "What is bigger, everything or nothing?" (This is not a pure question as in mathematics but rather a practical question as in physics.) The nothing must be bigger than everything so that the everything has some place to be. Being Nothing lets a man accept the massive confrontation of everything that may come from his Woman through realizing without malice, "I am bigger than that," no matter what the "that" is. Being Nothing a man can hear every level of communication from his woman, can be authentically touched by the communication, can let his Box be killed by the pain of what he hears, can let the communication drift three seconds into the past, and without residue, he can then come back to life. This is an example of the power of Being Nothing, to be killed and not die. (See Adult, Archetype, Do Overs, Experiential Reality)

BEING-WITH - Your familiarity with the adrenalin-enhanced tension of constantly doing things distracts you from your capacity for Being-With. The joke is that when first encountering the idea of Being-With you might ask, "What do I have to do to Be-With?" Being-With is not about doing anything, not talking, not moving, just being. Relationships do not die from a lack of love; relationships die from a lack of Being-With. Being-With another person who is Being-With you opens the door to intimacy and creates food that feeds your Heart and your Soul. Western culture teaches you to feed your physical body and your Mind, so, like the rest of us, development in your Four Bodies is probably way out of balance. Your Mind and physical body may be healthy while your Heart and Soul may be starving. Yet the idea of intimacy may be the most frightening proposition in the world for you. Intimacy starts with Being-With, and Being-With starts in the Adult Responsible Ego State. Being-With can become Countenance if it enters the Archetypal. (See Adult, Archetype, Be Wrong, Countenance, Four Bodies)

BEING WRONG - Box defense strategies intend that the Box is proven to be right. Even if the Box asserts, "See! I am wrong again!" the Box is being right about being wrong. For an extra credit Experiment you can arrange it so that you end up Being Wrong. If you are right the game is over. You win. They lose. But if you are wrong then there are myriads of options still open to the both of you for continued exploration. For example, if you are wrong then you can easily ask for help or for Feedback and Coaching. You can listen instead of speaking. You can be open for new Possibilities. Making yourself wrong does not mean to actually cause destruction, waste, pain or confusion. To be wrong is a way to be in Relationship where you do not automatically fulfill the Box's neurotic desires to know, to feel safe, to be in charge, or to be right. The Experiment is to come from not knowing, and to make Being-With a higher priority than security for your Box. (See Being-With, Box Mechanics, Coaching, Edgework, Experiment, Feedback, Possibility Listening, Winning Happening)

BELIEF (BELIEF SYSTEM) - A Belief is an "IS" Glued formulation that has no connection to reality. The Box uses Beliefs as a "Band-Aid" to patch over holes in its walls where it has no answer. Beliefs are defended not by experience but by Positionality such as "I'm right. You're wrong." Positionality is exclusive, that is, a particular Belief can be supported only if all contradictory Beliefs are destroyed. The automatic and unavoidable Result of Positionality is war. Look at human history. Sets of Beliefs hang together in a Belief System. A Belief System is a virtual reality. A Belief System gives the Box a framework of reasons with which to prove itself right. People whose Boxes use the same Belief System tend to gather in groups and play in the same Gameworlds. (See Box, Gameworld, "IS" Glue, Position)

BOX - Also known as belief system, worldview, mindset, reality structure, paradigm, self-image, identity, personality, psychology, comfort zone, or defense strategy. Our Box is made out of Thoughtware and Thought-Maps. The Purpose of our Box is to insure our survival. Since we have survived so far, the Box knows that its strategy works, and it suspects that anything else will not work. So the Box dedicates its resources above all else to defending itself first. The Box defends itself through acting as a multi-dimensional filter controlling what we can perceive and what we can express. The Box's original Purpose is to keep everything the same as it has always been, regardless of what that original state of normal is. The Box is designed to Shift Purpose from Defensive to Expansive when we are about fifteen years old, but our culture does not promote that rite of passage, so even leaders and authorities in Western culture tend to function from the irresponsible perspectives of their Defensive Box. Boxes come in layers. Individuals, relationships, families, clubs, committees, teams, communities, cities, businesses, races, cultures, religions, and nations all have Boxes. Possibility Management focuses particularly on the individual Box because that is the only Box that can take Responsibility for itself and therefore it is the only Box that can create change. All Boxes are subject to the laws of Box Mechanics. (See Box Mechanics, Defensive Context, Expansive Context, Marshmallow Zone, Radical Responsibility, Shift, Thought-Map, Thoughtware)

BOX MECHANICS - Since the Box is assembled from inanimate structural components (Memes) all working in relationship to each other, the machine-like stimulus-response impulses of the Box are repeatable and subject to mechanical laws just like ordinary machines. These laws form the theory and practice of Box Mechanics. Gaining familiarity with Box Mechanics gives you abilities to troubleshoot, repair, redesign and rebuild Boxes, in the same way that familiarity with engine mechanics gives you equivalent capabilities with engines. Machines unconsciously do what machines do. Having clarity about Box Mechanics helps you stay Unhookable. (See Box, Meme, Memetics, Thoughtware, Unhookable)

BRIGHT PRINCIPLE - Bright Principles are an Archetypal force of nature. The overriding Bright Principle is Archetypal Love or consciousness. Responsibility is consciousness in Action. Consciousness prisms into a rainbow of Bright Principles including Integrity, Abundance, Aliveness, Growth, Learning, Inclusion, Clarity, Kindness, Possibility, Acceptance, Respect, Joy, Communion, Commitment, Impeccability, Creation, Winning Happening, Healing, Transformation, Openness, Communication, Relationship, Practice, Service, Appreciation, Fitness, Hospitality, Generosity, Authenticity, and so on. Serving Bright Principles is High Drama. You can become the Space through which the Bright Principles that you serve do their work in the world. (See Archetype, Destiny, Map of Possibility, Shadow Principle)

BRIGHT WORLD (UPPERWORLD) - The domain of Actions and Gameworlds dedicated to serving Bright Principles. (See Bright Principle, High Drama, Map of Possibility)

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