Community Shift

Even though community living offers so many whole-life benefits, you may be spread too thin and already at maximum capacity, close to burnout, in too many meetings/work groups/discussions, inadequate money flow, feeling jealous, overworked, with incomplete communications, school problems, and unspoken conflicting visions. It is not enough to come together and pursue noble goals. As soon as you step from the “middle world” towards the “upper world” you stumble over the unexamined parts of your “underworld.” 

Rather than composting toilets, solar power, and consensus decision making, the biggest challenge in global paradigm-shift may indeed be the work of changing one’s self.

At critical moments during the ongoing evolution of a community an external impulse can catalyze a community-wide capacity shift. It is astonishing to find higher goals becoming stable through taking your own underworld into possession.

If you still have emotional buttons that can be pushed by anyone, you are the play-toy of circumstances, unable to focus your power and follow impulses for successfully implementing your creative ideas. 

Based on 40 years of experience and the continuous further development of Possibility Management the Next Culture Research & Training Center offers Community Shift, a custom woven 3-day experiential training for your entire group in which:

  • discrimination is strengthened so that life relaxes in ever-emerging clarity
  • new meeting technologies are used
  • authenticity and trust in the group are naturally strengthened as the group grows together
  • clarity about fear, anger, sadness, and joy is gained (both theoretically and practically)
  • authentic encounters become thrilling and rewarding
  • long-standing problems get shifted into growth opportunities for all parties involved

Through Community Shift the NCRTC team opens doors which are so interesting that ordinary conflicts become irrelevant. Using our diverse one-on-one and small-group processes the massive nonlinear intelligence of your community is brought into full participation all at the same time.



Just a few distinctions added into the cultural context can catalyze whole new levels of connectedness and collaboration amongst members.

Completing communications in a safe and facilitated environment can heal energy-draining wounds in no time.

When your people align with their inner inspiration and turn on, community evolution rolls forward. Contributing unique talents for everyone’s benefit becomes far more interesting than low drama and intrigue. Small intelligent adjustments elevate your community to its next level of leadership.

The distinctions, techniques and processes of Possibility Management bring you into a new context where it is not so much about solving a problem but rather – à la Einstein – about shifting to new kinds of thinking where that problem becomes obsolete.



NCRTC specializes in connecting individuals to inner and external resources that you may not have known were available. Then mountains standing between you and heaven on Earth can move in a miraculous way.

Possibility Management is an open-code context based on taking radical responsibility. Although the word “responsibility” in modern culture carries a grinding and negative connotation, responsibility in action is found to be the fastest way towards more love, lightness, joy, and effectivity. The pole shift that leads to a sustainable human presence on Earth happens at first inside ourselves.

Bringing in NCRTC is a game-changer decision. Contact us to consider your particular situation:, or call +49(0)1577-4370612.