These spaceholders are responsible for this material being here. The consequences of whatever you use it for, including reading it or telling others that it is available here, are your responsibility.

Beware that expanding consciousness is a one-way road. Once you have built the matrix in yourself to hold more consciousness by understanding new distinctions it is as-close-as-you-can-get to impossible to prevent new consciousness from arriving.

May your choices be wise.



When you call the Next Culture Research & Training Center you reach Sonia Willaredt.

With a very well listening ear, a hearty word on her lips and a never ending source of humor she embodies inspiration, contact, creativity, and is the central hub of our not-for-profit company. She provides you with everything you need for registration or logistics, and is almost always able to track down Clinton and Marion.


Sonia Willaredt, +49 (0)8630-9868649,


Marion rarely slows down. With a big heart and entrepreneurial thinking she makes Possibility Management available for the German speaking world. Call Marion if you want inspiration and possibilities for what you are trying to create. She enlivens your potential without paying much respect for circumstances. Her home is the Earth. “Working and traveling around the world for more than a year now I would consider my “home“ those times where I get to connect and share at a deep level with the people around me.“


Marion Callahan +49 (0)1577-4370612


Clinton is the originator of Possibility Management, co-director of Next Culture Research & Training Center, memetic engineer and seed planter. “Along with deepening the Trainer Guild and writing books and making films, I do everything I can to strengthen the already existing archearchal ecovillage cultures. It’s what I came here for – planting new thoughtware seeds in fertile soil. We are cultural edgeworkers, pirate thinkers, and people building bridges that others can cross to post-patriarchal cultures centered around free-schooling, relocalized authority, and ongoing adulthood initiatory process.“

Clinton Callahan, ("There are gaps of several weeks where I don't even look at my emails. Don't give up!")