- You can ask many kinds of questions. Most of your Asking has been civilized and made polite, and therefore disempowered. You have the capacity to regain your authenticity and to become disillusioned with your naïveté, gullibility, denial and self deception. If you stop fooling yourself then it becomes more difficult for other people to fool you. Suddenly you are not civilized anymore. Instead you are you. You have your feelings and your voice and you represent a catalytic Force Of Nature that is sought by some and avoided by others. You naturally ask yourself and other people certain questions the answers to which lay outside of the Box. These are called "Dangerous" Questions, because going to where the answer is Expands the Box. (See Asking, Expand the Box, Force of Nature, Pirate, Pirate Agreement)

DECLARING - Declaring is one of the three powers that you use for Creating Possibility (the other two powers are Choosing and Asking). With Declaring you assert that something is so. Without knowing it you Declare things all day long, such as, "This is a nice day. My name is Bob. I like you. I can't do that." Declaring is a conscious use of "IS" Glue. To help make the Declaring conscious you can use your Clicker. One use of Declaring is to create Stories that include Possibilities not available in your present Gameworld. In general you are unaware of how many of the circumstances of your life you unconsciously Declare into existence. Discovering the prevalence of unconscious Declaring causes a shock of realization that can take you a long way towards Radical Responsibility for what you Declare. (See Asking, Choosing, Clicker, Gameworld, "IS" Glue, Radical Responsibility, Story)

DEFENSIVE CONTEXT - The Defensive Context is the original survival strategy of your Box. Since that original strategy is for the most part unconscious, your Actions serve Shadow Principles. Conscious Archetypal Actions are only possible through shifting your Box from the Defensive Context to the Expansive Context. (See Defensive Learning, Expansive Context, Stellating Archetypes)

DEFENSIVE LEARNING - The way you were taught to learn in school is Defensive. You built a central continent of knowledge, and new knowledge could only be learned when it fit into some part of your present knowledge continent. If something does not fit into your knowledge continent that thing may be invisible and is generally regarded as useless. (See Box Mechanics, Expansive Learning)

DESTINY (DESTINY PRINCIPLES, TRUE PURPOSE) - Your Destiny is the specific set of Bright Principles that you were born to serve. Serving your Bright Principles is what most turns you on. Serving your Destiny is optional - you do not have to do it and Box can easily get in the way. When we Distill our Destiny out from our lives and our Destiny Principles become conscious, then we have the option to Choose from moment to moment whether or not to be our Destiny in Action right now. (See Bright Principles, Distilling Destiny Process, Map of Possibility, True Purpose)

DISCOVERY SPEAKING - One of the four kinds of speaking defined in Possibility Management. Discovery Speaking is a team effort where the Space Holder avoids discussion about who has the better opinion and instead Navigates to the edge of New Territory. Once at the edge the team keeps going powered by group genius. The team uses previously unseen wisdom and suddenly-discovered insights as milestones. The Space Holder is no longer an authority figure who already knows but instead becomes a true Navigator, working with the team to collaboratively document distinctions in graphic and verbal form on flip charts (called Thought-Maps). Discovery Speaking is done in response to the true necessity of one or more of the participants asking real questions. Most of Possibility Management was developed through thirty years of Discovery Speaking. (See Asking, Dangerous Question, Navigating Space, New Territory, Possibility Speaking, Real Question, Thought-Map)

DISK OF NOTHING - Your Disk of Nothing is a Possibility Management tool that allows you to avoid being Hooked. A mere 5 inches in diameter and clipped onto your Tool Belt, the Disk of Nothing is metallic gold on the back and around the rim, but the front is a thin fluid gateway into absolute nothingness. Whenever a Hook is cast in your direction to try to offend you and start a reciprocal feeding frenzy between Gremlins, simply hold up the Disk of Nothing. The Hook goes into the void and returns unrewarded no matter how often or how deeply it is cast. In the void there is nothing to Hook. Having a bit of nothing conveniently at hand can prove to be extremely useful. (See Gremlin, Hooked, Springscreen, Tool Belt, Unhookable)

DISTILLING DESTINY - The Distilling Destiny Process allows you to extract from your life the precise formulation of the three to five Bright Principles that you were born to serve. It is not that the Bright Principles are not already at work in your life. It is just that serving your Destiny Principles is optional. (The idea that your Destiny is optional came from Robert Fritz in his truly excellent and highly recommended little book Creating.) If you do not consciously Choose to serve your Bright Principles then you will unconsciously Choose to be a slave to your Shadow Principles. Servant or slave, that is your choice. The value of Distilling your Destiny is that once you consciously know what your Bright Principles are you can make clearer choices to serve them. You become your Destiny in Action when you are the Space through which your Bright Principles can do their work in the world. Being your Destiny in Action feels great. Distilling Destiny is a service provided by Possibility Trainers. (See Bright Principle, Destiny, Hidden Purpose Process, Map of Possibility, Possibility Trainer, Principle, Shadow Principle)

DO OVERS - In Extraordinary Human Relationship Do Overs are allowed. If through inattention or being Hooked you create Ordinary Human Relationship with someone, stop mid-sentence, the instant you notice. Apologize authentically and get off any Position you are holding. Say something like, "Whoops! Excuse me! I did not mean that. Let me try that again." And without waiting for permission immediately start over all the way from the "Hello" at the beginning of the conversation. This time create a result that is different from you being right. You may have the tendency to give up on intimacies after the first try that fails. Instead, try again - even if the first time was only a few seconds ago. You might be surprised to find how many possibilities are available in each next three seconds. Do Overs are allowed because Archetypal Love never goes away. Only you go away. You can come back. (See Creator, Love, Nonlinear, Pirate, Position, Relationship)

DOER (WARRIOR OR WARRIORESS ARCHETYPE) - One of the four Bright World Archetypes who can be Stellated in you to serve your Destiny (along with Creator, Communicator and Adult). The Doer Responsibly uses energy and information from anger. The way a Doer uses anger is to start things, stop things, make decisions, make distinctions, say "yes," say "no," ask for what the Space or the Organization needs, make boundaries, complete things no matter what, change circumstances, and so on. Doers serve the Archetypal Adult King / Queen. (See Adult, Communicator, Creator, High Drama, Stellating Archetypes, Sword)

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