- Feedback is information from your surroundings about the past. Feedback can tell you what worked and what did not work. Feedback is the second step in the Rapid Learning process. Whatever you do or do not do, see or do not see, say or do not say, you will get Feedback. The world is a giant Feedback generator. There are only two kinds of Feedback that you can receive. Go! which means that what you are doing works, keep going. And Beep! which means that what you are doing is not working. Use the information of the Beep! to Shift and Go! again. The more unexpected the Feedback is, the more information it contains. Sometimes the most useful Feedback to get is the Feedback that you do not understand at all. Let the Feedback sit there and over time it will inform you. In Rapid Learning, Feedback about the past is fruitfully followed by Coaching about the future. (See Coaching, Rapid Learning, Shift, Swamp)

FEELINGS - To Feel is your birthright because you have a body. Western culture teaches you that it is not okay to Feel, so you block your Feelings in order to survive through your childhood. If you have a Feeling and Feelings are not okay, then you must conclude that you are not okay. As ridiculous as this is, such habits die hard. Blocking Feelings cuts you off from your Emotional Body and forces you to rely on your Intellectual Body - a poor substitute and a common imbalance in our culture. All Feelings can be classified into one of four Feeling categories: anger, sadness, fear or gladness. We have been trained to regard three of these Feelings as "bad feelings" (anger, sadness and fear) and one Feeling as a "good feeling" (gladness). This is as intelligent as saying that three of the directions on a compass are "bad directions" (for example North, South and East) and one of the directions is a "good direction" (West). Feelings are experiential information. All four Feelings are tremendously useful professionally, capable of providing you with the energy and wisdom for doing your jobs with excellence. Each Feeling empowers one of the four Archetypes. When you mix Feelings you disempower your Archetypes. Disempowering your Archetypes is a standard psychological survival strategy. To turn on the Archetypes you can go through a Feeling process called Stellating. (Valerie Lankford created the Map of Four Feelings after her studies with Dr. Eric Berne and during a therapeutic process with Jacqui Schiff at the Cathexis Institute 1971-1975.) (See Archetypes, Emotions, Experiential Reality, Four Bodies, Inner Navigating, Mixing Feelings, Stellating)

FORCE OF NATURE - It is a far greater error to assume that you know something and to limit your experiences so that they fit your assumptions than it is to open yourself to perceive a world more magnificent, bizarre and mysterious than your wildest expectations even if you do not understand what is happening. In this book we bandy about with terminology and ideas like we know what we are talking about. Please remember, Possibility Management is a new field. If you have a question about things now, ask it in two or three hundred years after we have had a little more time to Experiment. Mostly we do not know. Mostly we are guessing. You too will discover when trying to Create Possibility for yourself, for other individuals or for Organizations, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. If it does not work, consider yourself the lucky recipient of a lesson from Mother Nature. Pay attention and take notes. She may be trying to teach you something. Human Beings are influenced by Forces Of Nature far greater than we typically concern ourselves with. We are influenced by the likes of planets, stars, karma, family ancestry, brain chemistry, genes, Memes, phases of the moon, barometric pressure, pheromones, viruses, bacteria, blood sugar levels, contaminants, radiations, deities, demons, entities, angels, elves, fairy godmothers, indigestion, past life vows, curses, and the will of God. Do not fool yourself into thinking that we can control these things. We cannot. We can hardly even imagine them. So when things work out well, count your blessings. When things work out badly, count your blessings. Just do the jobs that hit your bench as elegantly and with as much dignity and integrity as you can. You cannot create Possibility for a person whose Soul is not ready to take that step. You cannot create Possibility for a person without finding some way to love them. Most times it is not up to you, so give yourself some slack, and the other person too. The best overall advice that I have ever heard is: Trust the process. (See Creating Possibility, Creator, High Drama, Love, Principle, Soul)

FOUR BODIES - You can distinguish that you live in Four Bodies. The Four Bodies are the physical body (the bones and tissues with sensations), the intellectual body (the Mind, psychology, and intellectual capital of the Box with thoughts, knowledge, logic, and reasons), the emotional body (the Heart with Feelings and emotions), and the energetic or spiritual body (the Soul with presence, essence, and being). Each body has its own kind of pain, its own kind of ecstasy, its own kind of food, its own kind of intelligence, its own kind of Liquid State, and its own kind of intimacy with other people's Four Bodies. Western culture neurotically reinforces our identification with the intellectual body, so you can assume that you start off significantly imbalanced. It takes efforts to bring all Four Bodies into a working harmony. (Possibility Manager Wolfgang Köhler invented the Map of Four Bodies 3 September 2005.) (See Box, Edgework, Feeling, Heart, Intimacy, Mind, Physical Center, Soul)

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