- A Gameworld is a dynamic environment created by two or more people agreeing to relate according to an internally consistent Story. Gameworlds can range from temporary and of minor consequence to longer lasting and of major consequence. Examples of Gameworlds include let's go up the elevator, let's have a party, let's have a relationship, let's have a family, let's have a company, let's have a town, let's have a country, let's have a religion, let's have a war, and so on. Gameworlds can be Responsible or Irresponsible, depending on their Purpose and their Results. Gameworlds become Defensive if their Stories are Believed to be true or are kept invisible to the participants, in which case the participants are said to be Identified with their Gameworld. Even if a Gameworld is considered to be the "one and only true reality" by a majority of its players, it is still a Gameworld. Gameworlds founded in Beliefs build false community and survive through competing for limited resources through war. Gameworlds founded in Bright Principles and Responsible Results build authentic community and thrive on creative collaboration to source the resources. Taking Responsibility at the level of being the Story maker for Gameworlds is the entry door to Possibility Management. Responsible Gameworlds tend to be more galaxical than hierarchical in design. In a galaxical Gameworld the source people are found serving as its Center. (See Center of a Gameworld, Identification, Organization, Possibility Management, Purpose, Reality, Result, Story)

GAP - Several tools and techniques from Possibility Management derive their effectiveness through you consciously entering the Gap in time between moments or the Gap in Space between you and your Box. Such Gaps can be as thin as a sheet of paper, but that sliver of opportunity is enough to disconnect the false bond and reclaim a natural freedom of movement. When you put your Attention on the Gap and remember that it is there, then for example, the world can provide a stimulus but you do not have to respond because the stimulus has no power to create meaning in your Box. Or your Box can be going crazy with reactions but you need not say a word because the reactions die in the Gap and never manifest. The idea that there could be a Gap in time between moments or that there could be a Gap in Space between your inner world and your outer world are concepts that can enter your Mind. Actually Navigating your way into those Gaps and tolerating the intensity of staying there occurs in Experiential Reality rather than in Verbal Reality and requires live coaching and feedback from another human being during a training. (See Attention, Bag of Things, Experiential Reality, Minimize Now, Unhookable, Verbal Reality)

GODDESS - The Goddess is one particular aspect of the Pirate Sorceress Warrioress Queen Goddess Woman, the Archetypal Feminine. The qualities of Goddess come through the Space being Held for the Archetypal Feminine by the Archetypal Masculine and are not a manifestation of the Box. Therefore Goddess cannot be produced by willpower alone, and cannot serve charismatic or self-centered Purposes. When a woman can enter and stay in the Adult Responsible Ego State in the company of an Adult man who is Holding Archetypal Space for her, if the woman is willing to shift into the Archetypal Feminine then the Goddess can unfold through her. The Goddess inherently remembers the way through the Great Labyrinth of Spaces to the Heart of the Labyrinth and can lead her Man there. Such a rare and beautiful radiance! The Goddess enjoys, blesses and heals, and offers the sweet nectar of Archetypal Intimacy that is Countenance. (See Adult, Archetype, Countenance, Experiential Reality, Navigating Space)

GOING STELLAR - Going Stellar means having free access to full one hundred percent Archetypal maximum of any of the four Feelings without reason and without warning whenever necessary. This is comparable to having the radiant power of a star with an on-off switch. Since Western culture does not bring you through a rite of passage to consciously ignite your Responsible Feelings you can obtain that initiation in certain trainings. Once you have consciously Stellated your four Archetypes from then on for the rest of your life have the uninhibited ability to Go Stellar. The energy and information of all four Feelings are then available for your use as an inexhaustible resource. Going Stellar is one of the seven Core Skills. (See Core Skills, Feelings, Stellating Archetypes)

GREMLIN - Your Gremlin is the Archetypal King or Queen of your Shadow World. Everybody has parts. Everybody is part Gremlin. Gremlin is the part of you dedicated to creating Low Drama and serving your Hidden Purpose. Gremlin is quite likely to take over whenever you are unconscious of the Purpose of your Action. When Gremlin takes over you do not know the true cost of your Irresponsible Actions. Gremlin creates Low Drama Gameworlds based on scarcity, competition, and survival in order to eat Gremlin food. For example, Gremlin leaders take other people's Centers and surround themselves with followers in order to feel safe. Gremlin derives joy at other people's expense through "I win! You lose!" and "I'm right! You're wrong!" and "Ha ha! I got you!" games and nasty little jokes. As you begin to get clarity about the presence and participation of Gremlin in your life it is crucial to remember that Gremlin is not bad. Gremlin is Gremlin and can be counted on to do what Gremlins do. Gremlin cannot be rehabilitated to be Responsible, and besides, that is not the point. Gremlin is not your enemy. The idea is not to kill, imprison or disempower Gremlin as you may have been taught through some kind of moral system, but rather to establish a relationship with Gremlin such that you own Gremlin rather than Gremlin owning you. When Gremlin is consciously integrated into your general presence and sits at your feet at your command, you become Responsibly "dangerous," that is, no longer gullible or naïve. Gremlin awareness refines your overall awareness. Transforming your relationship to Gremlin is the way to Stellate joy, and like Stellating the other Feelings involves two phases. Phase One is liberating Gremlin to 100% capacity and presence (which obviously must be done in a special Gremlin-proof environment designed exactly for this Purpose). Phase Two is integrating Gremlin capacities into practical skills through conscious practice. Since Gremlin can destroy any Space at any time for no reason, there are many practical uses for Gremlin that nothing else can accomplish. Some of these uses are, for example, staying unhypnotized, staying Unhookable, and going Nonlinear. Expanding to Responsibly include Gremlin takes time and Practice, and necessitates building Matrix. (See Center, Hidden Purpose, Low Drama, Map of Possibility, Purpose, Matrix, Nonlinear, Pirate, Practice, Unhookable)

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