- Your Heart is the center of your Emotional Body and the transducer of Feelings. To create clarity in your relationship, give your Heart to the partner who you love, and give your Soul to your Destiny. Your Destiny does not require your Heart, and your partner is not your Destiny. (See Destiny, Feelings, Four Bodies, Soul)


HIDDEN PURPOSE - Your Hidden Purpose is the personalized set of three, four or five Shadow Principles that you serve as your survival strategy. Your commitment to serving Hidden Purpose is primary, previous to any other commitment in your life because first you Choose to survive. It is shocking to realize that in the noble endeavor to survive we are so dedicated to Irresponsibility. That is why the Hidden Purpose is called "Hidden." As a child, when you Choose to live instead of die, you replace your instinctive perception of what "normal" should be with the often cataclysmic "normal" of your Western culture childhood environment. Your Hidden Purpose is to duplicate and sustain the abnormal normal at any expense because in that state your Box knows that it can continue to survive. (See Box, Gremlin, Hidden Purpose Process, Map of Possibility)

HIDDEN PURPOSE PROCESS - The Hidden Purpose Process is a guided expedition during which you enter your Shadow World and extract jewels of clarity about your Shadow Principles. As you could well imagine, the Hidden Purpose Process can be loud and intense, and is done carefully in a safe and sustainable way by a certified Possibility Trainer. Knowing the three to five Shadow Principles of your Hidden Purpose gives you one little choice that can change your life - the choice of not serving Hidden Purpose. (See Bright Principle, Distilling Destiny Process, Gremlin, Hidden Purpose, Map of Possibility, Possibility Trainer, Shadow Principle, True Purpose)

HIGH DRAMA (HIGH LEVEL FUN) - High Drama is any Action intended to take Responsibility. High Drama is Conscious Theater enacted for serving Bright Principles. An example of High Drama is committing to produce Results before you know how to do it. If you create High Drama the world lays itself before you like an open oyster (or if you are not attracted to raw oysters - which is quite understandable - how about "like a peeled mango"? or "like a sliced pepperoni pizza"?) begging you to live as your Destiny in Action. Most of us are so imprisoned by our Box that we do not even perceive the universe's invitation let alone act on it. Another example of High drama is Expanding The Box. Because the Box is so cleverly defended, Expanding The Box is impossible and cannot be figured out with the Mind. High Drama is to go ahead and commit to doing it anyway. (See Action, Adult, Communicator, Conscious Theater, Creator, Destiny, Doer, Expand the Box, Low Drama, Map of Possibility, Pirate Agreement, Possibility Manager, Radical Responsibility)

HIGH LEVEL FUN - (See High Drama)

HOLDING SPACE - Holding Space is the act of being Responsible at the level of Space. Holding Space implies conscious intention. Before you can Hold Space you must first Declare Space into existence as a distinction between what is in the Space and what is outside the Space. Space is Declared either as an eight-pointed box or as an amorphous bubble. Space is held through using a percentage of your conscious Attention to dedicate the Space to serving Bright Principles. When you first try to Hold Space you might use control, domination or manipulation, but these are Shadow Principles. Holding Space is a Core Skill. Once you can Hold Space you can learn to Navigate Space. (See Attention, Core Skills, Navigating Space, Purpose, Space)

HOOKED - Being Hooked is when you are knocked unconscious and behaving according to mechanical Box reactions. Being Hooked is psychological imprisonment. When you are Hooked your Attention and Identity are confined to the limitations of your Box's defense strategy. When you are Hooked you easily enter Low Drama and have no access to Possibility. Being Hooked is not accidental. The Purpose for being Hooked is to create Low Drama to feed your Gremlin. Since being Hooked is not accidental it can also be avoided. (See Box Mechanics, Disk of Nothing, Gremlin, Low Drama, Reminding Factor, Springscreen, Unhookable)

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