- Identification is the unconscious or conscious Action of using "IS" Glue to Declare who you are. Unconscious Identification equates you to being your Box, produces Ordinary Human Relationship, and is the Result of Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware. Conscious Identification equates you to being a vast and awesome potential, specifically as the Space through which the Bright Principles that you serve can do their work. There is far greater Possibility available when you are Identified as a vast potential than when you are Identified as your Box. (See Conscious Theater, Creator, Hooked, Thoughtware, "IS" Glue, "IS" Glue Dissolver, Shift, Unhookable)

INTIMACY - Relationship does not die from lack of love. Relationship dies from lack of Intimacy. Intimacy implies distinguishing between a person and their Box. Intimacy is being closer to a person than your Boxes would normally allow, so you are Being-With each other as Beings rather than Being-With each other as Boxes. Intimacy does not mean being in another person's personal Space - this is enmeshment and leads to co-dependency and adaptive behavior. Authentic Adult Intimacy builds Matrix. You can enter New Territory by doing Intimacy Edgework Experiments in all Four Bodies. (See Adult, Being Centered, Being-With, Contact, Countenance, Edgework, Experiment, Four Bodies, Matrix, Relationship)

IMAGINATION - In many ways, who you are is your Imagination. But in Western culture, Mind is at war with Imagination. And Mind has won. You can get your Imagination back. The work of rehabilitating your Imagination is preparatory work for Stellating your Masculine or Feminine Archetypes. Imagination is an endlessly rich resource of wild, unpredictable, radiantly humorous Nonlinear possibilities. You may be using an unconscious form of Imagination right now in one of these two forms. 1) You imagine that things are as you perceive them, when in fact your perceptions of things have become quite distorted by your Box and they are not really that way. 2) You imagine that things are different from how they are, meaning that you are living in a fantasy world as a way of avoiding the way things actually are. Imagination can be intentionally applied for the practical purpose of Creating Possibility. (See Creating Possibility, Mind, Nonlinear)

INNER NAVIGATING - No one can negotiate your internal experiences but you. The set of skills for distinguishing where you are in your internal world, what is happening there, what you do about it, and why, is called Inner Navigating. Without Inner Navigation skills moving through the experiences of being yourself would be like sailing through treacherous waters without a chart or compass. Many people choose to stay at home and watch TV and leave their Inner Navigating to licensed professionals. You have obviously made a different choice. Inner Navigating improves through self-observation, self-knowledge, and practice with Feedback and Coaching in an environment of immediate clarity. Inner Navigating involves connecting delicate intuitively-sensed experiences with clear Thought-Maps of Feelings, Worlds, and Spaces. Since inner experiences are so convincing it is crucial to distinguish between what is authentic and what is reactive Theater. Regular Self-Sitting and Together-Sitting are indispensable Practice for Inner Navigating. (See Box Mechanics, Conscious Theater, Emotions, Experiential Reality, Feelings, Identification, Navigating Space, Practice, Rapid Learning)

IRRESPONSIBILITY - Irresponsibility is Unconscious Theater about pretending to not be at source, acting as if you are not at cause, acting as if there is not enough, trying to disown, playing the Victim role, or in any way being contracted from your inherent limitless potential. From the Archetypal perspective, Irresponsibility is an illusion. (See Conscious Theater, Low Drama, Map of Possibility, Radical Responsibility)

"IS" GLUE - "IS" Glue does not exist in nature. The concept of "is" and its many conjugations including am, are, was, were, has, have, had, do, does, did, may, might, must, can, could, should, would, and also the "not" forms, such as do not, does not, and so on, are all a product of the human Mind. "IS" Glue hangs on your Possibility Manager Tool Belt and resembles a tube of toothpaste. You squeeze out a blob, "PPPlthlthlthl" and glue two completely disassociated things together to serve conscious or unconscious Purposes. If used unconsciously "IS" Glue produces assumptions, expectations, conclusions, beliefs, etc., that form rigid if not crystallized parts of your Box. For example: "This job is impossible." From this detached perspective you can see that "job" is not at all connected to "impossible" until you glue them together with "IS" Glue. You can also use "IS" Glue consciously, for example, to build a platform for High Drama, such as with, "Our team loves doing impossible jobs." Whether unconsciously or consciously used you create your own "IS" Glued Stories and then act as if your Story is true even though you just glued it together yourself. (See Declaring, Gameworld, "IS" Glue Dissolver, Meme, Reality, Story, Tool Belt)

"IS" GLUE DISSOLVER - "IS" Glue Dissolver comes in a handy spray bottle and is clipped to your Possibility Manager Tool Belt. "IS" Glue Dissolver is a Declaration that disassembles "IS" Glued Realities through recognizing that Thoughtware is only held together with "IS" Glue and is not in fact objectively real. To Experiment with "IS" Glue Dissolver, choose a Story about yourself that disempowers you, such as, "I might fail." Hold it out in front of you and clearly distinguish the three components, the two solids "I" and "fail," and the "IS" Glue "might." Spray on a little "IS" Glue Dissolver, "Pffffftttth, pffffffttttth." Clip the "IS" Glue Dissolver bottle back on your Tool Belt and use both hands to slide the two solids apart from each other so you have one in each hand. Your left hand holds "I" and your right hand holds "fail." Nothing connects the two together any longer - they are completely independent one from the other. Now you can separately decide what you want to do with each. Experiment with putting "fail" back into the Bag of Things hanging on your Tool Belt, and reaching past it for something else you could glue to "I" that would better empower you. With the Bag of Things you never know what you will pull out before you pull it out and look at it. For example, you could pull out, "an Experimenter," and try "IS" Gluing that to "I" with the "IS" Glue "am." Then you have "I am an Experimenter." Does that empower you? Or you could pull out, "love to learn by doing," or "trust the universe," or "love to make new contacts," or "open interesting doors of possibility with every Action." Try a few Nonlinear possibilities rather than settling on whatever you come up with first, keeping in mind that whatever you try you can easily change again with "IS" Glue Dissolver! "IS" Glue Dissolver is very powerful so the suggestion is to begin using it with caution. (See Bag of Things, Creating Possibility, Declaring, "IS" Glue, Nonlinear, Reality, Story, Thoughtware, Tool Belt)

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