- You may notice that over the years you have developed an appetite for a certain energetic food that occurs when Possibility is created and applied. A Laboratory is the circumstance in which you intentionally manufacture that food for yourself and for other people to feast on. For example, your primary relationship can become a Laboratory where you are each deeply fed and nurtured through doing intimacy Edgework Experiments with your partner. A Gameworld such as a club meeting, a business, a training or a team can also be a Laboratory if you use it for doing Experiments. The Gameworld for learning Possibility Management is called a Possibility Laboratory. (See Edgework, Experiment, Gameworld, Possibility Management)

LABYRINTH - The Great Labyrinth of Spaces. (See Navigating Space )

LINEAR - Linearity is the quality of being direct, straightforward, predictable and reasonable. Once regarded as the most efficient and effective method for solving problems, nowadays Linear solutions are frequently not efficient or effective enough. For any given problem there is usually one Linear solution, but often many Nonlinear solutions that turn out to be far more useful. Extraordinary Human Relationship as well as Archetypal Relationship both require that you have access to an unlimited resource of Nonlinear possibilities. (See Creating Possibility, Nonlinear)

LIQUID STATE - For a Box to shift from one solid shape into another solid shape it must at least for a short while pass through a Liquid State. During the Liquid State rigid structures become fluid in relationship to each other and reordering can take place. For more information on this you can search Wikipedia on the internet for the Theory of "Dissipative Structures" that won Ilya Prigogine the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1977. Ordinarily while your Box Expands you are more interested in the newly Expanded Position than you are in the frighteningly groundless Liquid State. Nonetheless, as you continue to Expand the Box you may notice that each new Box shape becomes less and less rigid, and that the distance between one solid Position and the next becomes greater and greater. Over time you may become more comfortable during fluidic expansion than in defending a rigid but known Position. You may even come to recognize that the Liquid State is the true nature of reality, and that human beings are designed to fly. (See Box, Expand the Box, Morphogenetic Field)

LISTENING AS A SPACE - (See Possibility Listening )

LOVE - Possibility Management distinguishes three kinds of love. 1) Ordinary Human Love where "I love you" means, "I need you, I own you, I want to control you." Ordinary love comes and goes, so people in Ordinary love are Victims in a scarcity of love looking for someone to love them. 2) Extraordinary Human Love where "I love you" means, "I am responsible for love, I source love, if I am there love is there," with Responsible Adult dignity and respect. 3) Archetypal Love where Love is a sourceless radiant Principle, the most abundant thing in the universe, and "I love you" means, "the Principle of Archetypal Love is happening." In the great Labyrinth of Spaces the Space of Archetypal Love happening is also known as "the heart of the labyrinth." (See Labyrinth, Low Drama, Navigating Space, Principle, Radical Responsibility, Relationship)

LOW DRAMA - Low Drama is any Action that is consciously or unconsciously intended to avoid Responsibility. Low Drama is an energetic exchange between Human Beings that serves Shadow Principles. There are two direct ways to detect if you are enacting Low Drama. The first is if you are playing the role of Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer. The second is if you exhibit Low Drama behavior: blame, resentment, justification, complaining, being right, or making wrong. It can be startling to distinguish that Low Drama is certainly exciting but that no matter how right you think you are, Low Drama is not life; it is only Low Drama. No matter how good your reasons are or how strongly you resent the other person, the only thing that happens in Low Drama is that you get older. Nothing changes. To actually change something involves taking Responsibility. Low Drama is not an accident. The fact that Low Drama is not an accident means that Low Drama can be avoided. The Purpose of doing Low Drama is to feed Gremlin. Notice the pattern of a hungry Gremlin finding another hungry Gremlin to start a good fight. A Gremlin feeding frenzy follows. When the Gremlins are satiated they go to sleep and you wonder what the fight was all about? Low Drama is never a step on the way towards Responsibility. Low Drama cannot be transformed into High Drama. Attention placed on Low Drama is Low Drama. The only way out of Low Drama is taking Responsibility. With Practice you can develop the ability to avoid entering Low Drama for any reason. Low Drama is the main characteristic of Ordinary Human Relationship. (The Map of Low Drama is modeled after the original Drama Triangle developed in 1965 by Dr. Stephen Karpman. Dr. Karpman was a student of Dr. Eric Berne, the founder of Transactional Analysis. It was Dr. Karpman who named the three Positions of Low Drama: Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer. I renamed Dr. Karpman's Drama Triangle as "Low Drama" to more easily reveal its relatedness to "High Drama" on the Map of Possibility. In one of his original designs for the Drama Triangle Dr. Karpman had included a fourth position that he called "Trickster," identical to what I call "Gremlin.") (See Gremlin, Low Drama Detector, High Drama, Irresponsibility, Map of Possibility, Practice)

LOW DRAMA DETECTOR - An excellent way to avoid being Hooked into Low Drama is to build for yourself a Low Drama Detector. The Detector is a metaphorical red flashing light mounted on your right shoulder as a Reminding Factor to warn you about incoming Low Drama. The Low Drama Detector senses Low Dramas from a distance of 100 yards and instantly flashes its red light and emits a sharp persistent warning beep. The Detector displays which of the three roles is being played out, Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer, and which of the three roles you are being invited to play. To avoid Low Drama do not resist Low Drama - this is like trying to resist thinking of a pink elephant. Clarity about Low Drama is key. Identify Low Drama as Low Drama, not bad or wrong, but guaranteed to create only certain predictable results. To avoid Low Drama create High Drama. In other words, as soon as your Low Drama Detector sounds off, change your course and go somewhere else. It takes Practice to go towards Low Drama and not enter the Low Drama. (See Low Drama, Hooked, Reminding Factor, Unhookable)

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