Over the years we here at NCRTC have exchanged an astonishing amount of good will and possibilities with an incredibly diverse assortment of human beings. There is so much love involved in these exchanges that it overwhelms the mind. Only a massively-multiplayer globally-conscious presence could ever facilitate such complex and evolutionary connecting. But there you have it. We here at NCRTC know and have the honor of loving all of these people, all at the same time. Perhaps you can get to know and love them too!

This list is such a tidal wave of creative-hearts pouring out their gifts… and represents only a tiny, tiny fraction of the edgework that is happening below modern culture’s news radar. If you ever feel like giving up, if you ever feel alone, if you ever feel hopelessly disconnected from your true-purpose or from the flow of Bright Principle juice, PLEASE scroll down this list and start clicking on these people’s websites. Discover what they are doing, and who they are doing it with – look at the links of their links. Immediately call someone on the telephone and ask them: How did you do that? What can I do for you? Then listen with all ears. Suddenly you’ll be back in the game!



Achim Ecker – Zegg Org

Alexandro Jodorowsky – Psychomagic

Andrew Gaines – Alliance 4 Sustainable Well Being,

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq – Ice Wisdom

Annette Loy – Project Peace

Archearchy Org

Arkan Lushwala – Time of the Black Jaguar (book) Arawaka Ceremonial Center, New Mexico

Arnold & Amy Mindell – Worldwork, X and U Process

Asher Miller, Richard Heinburg – Post Carbon Institute

Ricken, Alice, Iain, Morgan, Ian, Allison – AVAAZ

Barbara Marx Hubbard – Evolve Org

Barefoot Sensay (AKA Mick Dodge) – Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle

Benjamin von Mendelssohn – Tamera Org, Portugal

Bernhard & Patrizia Kaschek – 4 Years For The Fish,

Bill Kauth & Zoe Alowan – We Need Each Other (book)

Bill McKibben – Deep Economy (book) 350 Org Bill & Lynne Twist, Jon Symes, Ruel Walker – Pachamama Org

Brad Blanton – Radical Honesty (book)

Carolyn Baker – Speaking Truth To Power

Carolyne Stayton – Transition US

Claudio Naranjo – Seekers After Truth

Craig Karges – Experience The Extraordinary

Dagmar Neubronner – Genius Verlag

Daniel Koupermann – Ecuador Travel Vacations

Daniel Schmachtenberger – Critical Path Institute

Daniel Quinn – Ishmael (book)

Daniel Suarez – Daemon and Freedom (books)

Danny Running Bear August – Four Directions Gifting Circle

Dasya Zuccarello – Hohm Press

Dave Ewoldt – Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor

David Diamond – Theatre for Living

David Holmgren – Crash On Demand (essay) Permaculture

David (& Fran) Korten – The Great Turning (book)

David MacLeod – Transition What Com

David Seacord – Sufi Cherag Reverend

Dennis Gallagher – Samadhisoft

Derrick Jensen – Endgame (book)

Diana Leafe Christian – Ecovillages News,

Donnie Maclurcan – What On Earth (book) Post Growth Org

Doyle Canning – Center for Story Based Strategy

Duane Elgin – Awakening Earth (book) Great Transition Stories

Fleet Maull – Peacemaker Institute

Foster & Kimberly Gamble – Thrive Movement

Four Years Go

Fran (& David) Korten – Yes! Magazine Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé – Small Planet (book)

Frederick Churchill – Winga (next generation wind turbine)

Gary Stamper – Collapsing Into Consciousness

Gaia Community

Gaia Education – Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth (GEESE) – The Four Keys

Gaia Education Videos – YouTube Channel

Gary Caganoff - Lysis Films

GEN - Global Ecovillage Network    (GEN takes action: refuGEN)

Geraldine Ovando & Emiliano Longo – Los Hijos del fin del Mundo (film)

Geseko von Lüpke – Tiefenoekologie (Deep Ecology)

Gigi Coyle – School of Lost Borders

Herwig Kopp – Normalum

Homaya Amar & Yuval Rivlin – Divine Intervention

Howard Mason – New Possibilities Associates

Ina Meyer-Stoll – Zegg Org

Inge Kögl – Curandera

Jacques Fresco – The Venus Project

James (& Suzy) Cameron - Years of Living Dangerously! 

James Hansen – Storms of My Grandchildren (book)

James Hudgell – Sabai-Sabai Bungalows, Thailand

Janet Redmond – Transactional Analysis

Jean Francois Rischard – High Noon book

Jeff Stein – Arcosanti

Jeremy Rifkin – The Empathic Civilization (RSA video)

Jim & Jean Rough – Dynamic Facilitation

Jim & Jean Rough – Wise Democracy

Jim & Nora Zarvos – Zarvos Coaching

Joe Shirley & Spring Chen – Enteleos

John Corrigan – Group 8 Education, Australia

John Croft – Dragon Dreaming Org

John Michael Greer – The Archdruid Report

John & Cynthia Hardy – Green School, Bali

John & Hilary James – Planet Extinction,

John Perkins – Secret History of the American Empire (book),

John Renesch - Great Growing Up (book) 

John Robb – Brave New War (book)

John Robbins – Food Revolution

John & Jennifer Welwood – Something Will Occur Mystery School

John & Vivienne Benton – Benton Productions

Jonathan Taylor – SelfDesign Highschool

Keith Varnum – Fun Shui

Klaus Kilmer-Kirsch & Monika Flörchinger – Gewaltfrei Niederkaufungen,

Kosha Anja Joubert & Robin Alfred – Beyond You and Me (book) Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

Kristina Stoney – Ride 2 Learn,

Laura Grace Weldon – Free Range Learning (book) Bit of Earth Farm

Lester Brown – Plan B (book) Earth Policy Org Linda Adams – Parent Effectiveness Training (book)

Lion Goodman – Belief Closet

Llyn Roberts – Shapeshifting (book) Earth Wisdom Circle

Lua Bashala-Kekana – GEN Africa

Malidoma Patrice Somé – Of Water and the Spirit (book)

Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa – Shaman

Marcin Jakubowski – Open Source Ecology

Marion Callahan – Next Culture Press 

Margaret Wheatley – Berkana Institute

Martin Prechtel – Secrets of the Talking Jaguar & Long Life Honey In The Heart (books) Flowering Mountain Center

Mary Crowley – Project Kaisei – Clean the Oceans

Mauricio Deliz – Transition Trainers

Meredith Little – School of Lost Borders

Michelle Byrd & Adi Burak – Games for Change

Mikki Willis – Elevate Films

Monika Flörchinger – Gewaltfrei Trainerin

Morel Fourman – New Paradigm of Leadership

Mugove Walter Nyika - Seeding Schools Africa 

Naresh Giangrande & Sophy Banks – Transition Towns

NCRTC YouTube Channel – Videos

Nicholas Joyce – InTerraTree / Drums for Development

Nick Osborne – Transition Trainers

Paul Chefurka – Approaching the Limits to Growth

Peter Ellyard – Designing 2050

Peter Joseph – Zeitgeist Movement

Peter Merry – Evolutionary Leadership (book)

Phillip Munyasa – OTEPIC

Pierce Brosnan – Save Biogems Org

REconomy Org – Local Economies

Resilience Org

Richard Olivier – Olivier Mythodrama

Rick Pursell – Cause No Harm Org

Rob Hopkins – Transition Culture Blog

Robert & Rosalind Fritz – Creating (book)

Robert Wolff – Original Wisdom (book)

Robin Hanson – Overcoming Bias

Robin Sverd – Kaos Pilots

Robert & Lianna Gilman – Context Institute

Roman Huber – Artabana, Mehr Demokratie

Ron Bosanquet – Leonis School

Ross & Hildur Jackson – Occupy World Street (book), GEN (Global Ecovillage Network)

Ruby T. Ong – Reflections Resource Center

Sami Awad – Holy Land Trust

Sabine Lichtenfels – Tamera Org

Sarah Byrnes – Resilience Circles

Scilla Elworthy – Peace Direct,

Sebastian Goder – Films / Mind Life Balance / Power Bridging

Sharron Ragan – Intuitive Consultation

Shay Sloan – The Wild Foundation

Shayla Wright – Wide Awake Heart,

Sobonfu Somé – Wisdom Spring

Stefan Heyland – Spirit Journey

Stephen Jenkinson – Orphan Wisdom

Stephen Karpman – Drama Triangle & TA

Steve & Trudy Bhaerman – Swami Beyondananda

Stewart Brand – The Long Now Foundation

Suzanne Taylor – Mighty Companions

Suzi (& James) Cameron – Muse School

Tami Simon – Sounds True

Thomas Bormann – Beratung

Tim Bennett & Sally Erickson – What A Way To Go (movie)

Timo Wuerz – Graphic Art

Tom Atlee – Co-Intelligence Institute

Tonic Gold (alchemical elixer)

Valerie Lankford – Four Feelings and What To Do With Them / TA

Viarne Mischon – Wonderful World Media Network 3WBC 93.1FM – Primary Perspectives ‘radio created for kids by kids’

Volker Thomsen – partnering with Frederick Churchill’s Winga (next generation wind turbine – see

Warren Moon – Wilderness Awareness School (Anake)

William Glasser – Choice Theory (book)




Anna Schuster & Paul Rogers

Anne & Thomas Schmid

Britta Reichard

Dagmar Thürnagel & Michael Hallinger

Dahlia Abramovic & Katharina Kaifler & Cornelius Butz

Georg Pollitt

Hilde Mohren

Joachim Müller

Jonathan Sprungk

Marina Deeken & Ralf Kolem

Michael Poertner & Michaela Kaiser

Nicola Nagel

Patrizia Servidio

Peter Kuder

Peter van Oosterhout

Rhea Bredel & Stefanie Heidtmann & Carolin Otzelberger & Martina Unger & Petra Schwaiger

Sonia Willaredt

Stefanie Heidtmann &




Citizens for Legitimate Government – Lori Price

Op Ed News – Rob Kall

Yes! Magazine – Fran Korten




Abenteuer Wahre Liebe, Germany – Heike Whitaker

The Impact Hub – Global 

Möglichkeitenraum – Michael Pörtner & Michaela Kaiser

Schweibenalp, Switzerland – Sundar Dreyfus

Social Innovation Exchange (Directory)




An ecovillage is a human-scale settlement consciously designed through participatory processes to secure long-term sustainability (from In fact, an ecovillage is an autonomous nano-nation, more and more often having their own culture, currency, context, and unique space in the global ethnosphere. (Therefore the country names mentioned below are merely for ease of geographical location rather than implying ownership.) An ecovillage is a seed crystal for archearchy, a breakthrough in consciousness that others can more easily follow, and therefore serves humanity as a bridge. Here are the ecovillages that we are already friends with (there are many thousands more!):


Arcosanti, Arizona, USA

Brückendorf, Germany

Earthaven, North Carolina, USA

Findhorn, Scotland

InTerraTree, Togo

Kufunda, Zimbabwe

Mama Na Bana, Congo

Niederkaufungen, Germany 

Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland

Sieben Linden, Germany

Tamera, Portugal

Tempelhof, Germany

Valhalla Movement, Quebec, Canada

Zegg, Germany