- (See Creator )

MAKER - (See Doer )

MAKING TIME - The Possibility of Making Time is a consequence of taking Radical Responsibility in the domain of time. To discover how to Make Time do the following Experiment. Responsibly answering the following question: "Where did you get the time to read this sentence?" After you understand about Making Time you can then figure out how to move faster than the speed of time. (See Creator, Radical Responsibility)

MAP - (See Thought-Map )

MAP OF POSSIBILITY - This is the central Thought-Map of Possibility Management (See the List of Thought-Maps). The Map of Possibility starts with a single vertical line which acknowledges that whatever happens is completely neutral. The Map of Possibility is based on the observation that Human Beings do not leave things neutral but instead are creating in every moment. You create by making Stories about what happens, by interpreting the evidence that you perceive and giving it meaning. The world is rich in evidence so there is evidence to support any Story you want to create. Every Story you make has a Purpose. Either you are Conscious of your Purpose or you are not. The dichotomy between Unconscious and Conscious Purpose creates two general types of Games: Irresponsible Games or Responsible Games. Which game you are playing is always discernable by the Results you create. Irresponsible Games serve Shadow Principles. Responsible Games serve Bright Principles. The King or Queen of the Shadow World is the Gremlin who sources Low Drama. The King or Queen of the Bright world, for lack of a better term, is the Possibility Manager who sources High Drama. (See Archetype, Gameworld, High Drama, Low Drama, Principle, Result, Story, Thought-Map, True Purpose, Unconscious Purpose)

MARSHMALLOW ZONE - The Marshmallow Zone is the all-too-real super-safe and familiar, hermetically sealed set of behavior patterns located far away from the Edges of your Box. A person living in the Marshmallow Zone uses Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware and can typically only create Ordinary Human Relationship. For "settler" type Boxes the Marshmallow Zone is "Home Sweet Home." For "pioneer" type Boxes the Marshmallow Zone is "death warmed over." Voyaging out of the Marshmallow Zone is an Experiment guaranteed to bring up fear of the unknown regardless of your Box's orientation. Fear only stops you if your Story about the experience of fear is that "fear is bad" or "fear is dangerous." To continue exploring New Territory it helps to rewire your Story so that "fear is fear."(See Box, Feelings, Edgework, Story, Thoughtware, Experiment, "IS" Glue)

MATRIX - (Not to be confused with the matrix concept from the popular films of the same title.) Matrix is similar to the trellis upon which a climbing rose is supported. Without the trellis the rose plant grows feebly along the ground. With a trellis the rose grows strong and radiant. Matrix is the energetic structure upon which consciousness or "being" can grow. Matrix cannot be rushed or grown instantly. Matrix grows at its own speed limit and as a Result of certain efforts and influences. Matrix can be built through exposing yourself to certain beneficial stresses (such as living in a foreign culture, doing Responsible Edgework Experiments, or trying to understand this book), certain radiations (such as being in the company of saints, empowered temples, objective art, or sacred artifacts), certain substances (such as early morning sunshine, or a true alchemical elixir like Tonic GoldTM), certain efforts to stay awake (such as by paying attention to your attention and staying aware of what you are aware of), and your efforts to Practice (such as avoiding Low Drama, or flossing your teeth every night before you go to bed no matter how late it is or how tired you are). No one can build Matrix for you. If you do not do what it takes to build your Matrix then your Matrix grows geologically, that is, at the natural speed of continental drift. Matrix can be functionally compared to soil. There are more than enough seeds. What is needed is good soil. As soon as the soil is prepared the seeds grow. As soon as Matrix is built, consciousness grows. As soon as the Box Expands, new Possibility is available. (See Edgework, Practice, Radical Responsibility, Tonic GoldTM)

MEETING TECHNOLOGY - The way we come together and have meetings determines the kinds of Results we can create as a group. Western civilization meeting format unconsciously defaults to the form established by Parliamentary Procedure as described in the book Robert's Rules of Order by Henry M. Robert, published in 1907. Other meeting formats are possible and in fact are needed for producing more diverse, flexible and intelligent Results. Particularly effective are circular or open meeting technologies that allow for more chaos during the meeting. Parliamentary Procedure establishes a linear hierarchy of rules for managing the competitive territorial question of "Who has power now?" Nonlinear meeting formats rely on the generative and self-organization properties of groups to liberate immense reserves of imaginative intellectual capital and group intelligence. Convening diversity rather than controlling power may be a more useful approach for responding to the challenges of today's rapidly evolving conditions. Examples of new meeting formats include Open Space Technology, World Café, and the Art of Hosting conversations that matter. Possibility Management's New Meeting Technologies include: Possibility Team, The Problem Is the Solution, Big Mad and The Genius Process. Rather than the political concern of "Who has the power?" these new meeting formats effectively address the questions of "What is possible right now?" and "How to be the Space through which the Principles of this Organization can do their work in the world?" (See Holding Space, Nonlinear, Possibility Management, Principles)

MEME - The word "meme" was invented in 1976 by Richard Dawkins, a British biologist. A Meme is a fundamental instruction for the design of your mind, just like a gene is a fundamental instruction for the design of your body. Memes can be classified into various categories, such as assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, conclusions, definitions, excuses, expectations, interpretations, justifications, meanings, opinions, perspectives, preferences, prejudices, reasons, stories, values, visions, and so on. Simple Memes equate to the names of things, for example, the Meme "feeling" is the name of something that carries emotional energy. Once a Mind is infected with a Meme, the Meme frames up the Mind's perceptions. Then something like music is sensed by the quality of feeling it delivers. Complex Memes are constructed out of simple Memes pasted together with Is-Glue, such as "feeling is dangerous" or "feeling is fun." The idea of a "meme" is itself a Meme. A functional set of Memes is your Thoughtware. The Box is made of Thoughtware and Thought-Maps. (See Box, Is-Glue, Memetics, Thought-Map, Thoughtware)

MEMETIC VIRUS - Memetic Viruses are a compact set of Memes usually stored in written form that are so clear, so useful, and so interesting that their new thinking patterns automatically replace and upgrade your current Thoughtware. This book is full of Memetic Viruses. If you want an additional source of Memetic Viruses get a hold of the book Wild Thinking (Abenteuer Denken in German) by Clinton Callahan. (See Meme, Thoughtware)

MEMETICS - Memetics is the study of Memes and Memetic Engineering. Memetic Engineering is the field of skills, tools and processes for redesigning or reinventing the Box. Boxes are constructed out of Memes. A Box's Memetic structure determines its functionality - in other words, function follows form. If you reinvent your Box you reinvent your world and what is Possible for you. This is how Memetics is related to the management of Possibility. By reinventing the form of the Box even slightly through Memetic Engineering, vast new possibilities can be opened. (See Box Mechanics, Experiment, Liquid State, Possibility, Possibility Trainer, Thoughtware)

META-CONVERSATION - A Meta-Conversation is a "conversation about the conversation." The way to create the possibility of possibility is to have a conversation about the conversation. Then instead of remaining stuck in the limits of the present conversation you go Nonlinear into a perspective with different limits, limits that are more useful for accomplishing the job at hand. A Meta-Conversation changes the context so that your conversation can have a different content. This has the same effect as putting away the chessboard and getting out the cookbook - you get to play together in a completely different kind of Gameworld. (See Context, Gameworld, Navigating Space, Nonlinear)

MIND - Mind is the center of your intellectual body and is shaped by your Box. You have been trained in Western civilization to Identify yourself as your Mind. Western science operates under the assumption that the universe can be systematized and explained so that Mind can understand it. In Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Relationship the Mind is far too slow, too impoverished, and too Linear for what you need to accomplish. To source Relationship through ongoing acts of Nonlinear creation you require greater resources available through the Mind. With a balanced mix of all Four Bodies (intellectual body plus physical body plus emotional body plus energetic body) you access vast resources of energy and information even if your Mind cannot figure out how you do it. The mind is the energetic mirror of the brain, and functions in direct response to the quality of Thoughtware that you have installed. As Clinton Callahan says, "Your Mind is yours to play with and make into whatever you want." (See Box, Expand the Box, Four Bodies, Identification, Imagination, Verbal Reality)

MINDSET - (See Box )

MINIMIZE NOW - A man asks a woman to marry him and she says, "Not now!" A year later he asks her again. She says, irritated, "I already told you, not now!" The woman lives in a very big Now. You can create a Now so big that it includes decisions made in a far distant past or expectations that project into a far distant future. From the perspective of a Minimized Now, "far distant" means anything longer than three seconds. Boxes defend themselves by creating big Nows to keep everything in the future the same as it was in the past. Extraordinary Relationship is an ongoing act of Nonlinear creation. Going Nonlinear requires you to move Orthogonally through the Gaps between moments. Time is quantized into experiential moments. Between each moment is a Gap. These Gaps are invisible if your Now is too big. A big Now smears over the Gaps and makes reality appear to be one continuous scene just like with motion pictures and television - where there is no action, only the illusion of action. When your Now is small enough you can slip sideways through Gaps between moments into previously unseen and completely unexpected Possibilities. While Experimenting with Minimizing your Now make sure that your Minimized Now is spacious and is not founded in a scarcity of time. In Now there is no time. (See Adult, Gap, Making Time, Now, Orthogonal)

MIXING FEELINGS - Without clarity about Feelings we tend to experience and express our Feelings mixed together. Mixing Feelings blocks our access to the Archetypal energy and intelligence of the pure Feelings. For example, mixing anger with sadness produces the experience of depression. In Possibility Laboratories you can learn inner navigation and physically separate the Feelings clearly one from the other. After unmixing the anger from the sadness the depression vanishes and you Feel angry about one thing and sad about either the same thing or another thing. This clarity gives you the power to create different Results. Mixing sadness with fear creates the experience of isolation or desperation. Mixing anger with fear creates the experience of hysteria. Mixing joy with sadness creates the experience of sentimentality or nostalgia. Mixing joy with fear creates the experience of carelessness or excitement. And mixing joy with anger creates the experience of Feeling glad when someone else Feels pain, I win you lose, or Ha-ha I got you! "Schadenfreude." Mixing Feelings is not bad or wrong; it just produces certain Results. (Possibility Manager Marion Krause developed the Map of Mixing Feelings in her Abenteuer Gefühle workshops in the fall of 2003.) (See Archetype, Feelings, Laboratory, Possibility Trainer, Result)

MORPHOGENETIC FIELD - Literally Morphogenetic Field means "shape making" field. This term comes from Rupert Sheldrake and his Theory Of Morphogenetic Fields that you can learn more about through Wikipedia on the internet. When you Declare and Hold a Space in the name of Principles and someone in that Space enters the Liquid State, the Principles function as the Morphogenetic Field molding their Box's new shape as it resolidifies. (See Declare, Liquid State, Principles, Space)

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