- An infinite Labyrinth of Spaces ranges the full spectrum from Shadow Worlds to Bright Worlds and everything in between. Every Space is connected to every other Space. Every Space represents a different set of Possibilities. Being conscious and Responsible for what Space you are in is called Navigating Space. You can develop your powers of moving from Space to Space. While Navigating Space you appreciate each member of your team as a crewmember of your "Spaceship" - including the waitress! Crewmembers are Responsible for informing the Navigator the instant anything is detected on the instrument panel of their Four Bodies. Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Relationship only occur in certain Spaces. And only you can Navigate the Space of your relationship into those Spaces. At the Center or Heart of the Labyrinth is the one Space of Archetypal Love. The Goddess remembers how to get there. (See Discovery Speaking, Experiential Reality, Goddess, Inner Navigating, Laboratory, Painting Doorways, Possibility Trainer, Space)

NEW TERRITORY - New Territory is everything not yet encompassed by your Box. Exploring new Thought-Maps Expands your Box into New Territory. You explore New Territories by doing Edgework Experiments. Possibility Management is neither theoretical nor verbal; it is experiential. So in Possibility Management Laboratories, first you see a Thought-Map of a New Territory and then you actually go there. New Territory is new because things are possible in the New Territory that are not possible elsewhere. As soon as you acquire enough familiarity with a New Territory your own learning continues by empowering others through introducing them to the same New Territory. The expanse of New Territories is endless. This means that for your Box Expansion there is no top end. Possibility Trainers who go first into New Territories take Responsibility for making new Thought-Maps to share with their people. (See Edgework, Expand the Box, Experiment, Laboratory, Marshmallow Zone, Thought-Map)

NONLINEAR - Nonlinearity is the quality of moving at right angles to the assumptions of the current Space. Western culture teaches you to be Linear. If you find a Linear solution to a problem, such as the shortest distance between two points, then you conclude that you have found the best solution... and you stop thinking. With Nonlinearity you do not stop thinking because you know from experience that just over the Edge of your Box there are unlimited numbers and forms of additional Nonlinear solutions waiting exactly where the last one was just before you found it. When Navigating Space at higher speeds, going Nonlinear necessitates that a Box have little or no mass. Trying to turn a Box made massive with assumptions, expectations, preferences, Stories, prejudices, Positions, beliefs, or opinions is like trying to turn the Titanic. This is why it can be helpful to eliminate extra mass by dropping the necessity for beliefs, making Stories optional, Minimizing your Now and Minimizing your Here. With little or no mass you gain the ability to turn right angles at "light speed." (See Edgework, Gremlin, Linear, Orthogonal, Navigating Space)

NOW - Through Experimenting with these ideas you will sooner or later discover that your power is available only in the present. You cannot change something that happened even an instant ago, or which might happen an instant in the future. The only place where you have power is right Now. Creating happens Now. Distinctions are made Now. Decisions are made Now. This makes it most interesting to deal only with what is possible right Now. How big is this Now? We could define Now as one moment. How big is a moment? Moments change depending on what Space you are in. As Albert Einstein described it, time is relative. "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity." In general we could define a moment as the length of time it takes to make a decision: One second to make the decision, and two seconds for the Box to reorder. (See Adult, Minimize Now, Possibility Stone)

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