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Coaching Movie Live 20150801 
(Clinton is on from 16:25 to 32:29)

Next Culture Talk:
Archetypal Lineage

Next Culture Talk:
Personal Shift Demonstration Berlin

Next Culture: Beaches?
What beaches?

Next Culture:
Message To Youth

Next Culture: 
Gremlin Song



Facing Into the Storm by Clinton Callahan

It’s a tough situation, wanting to expand and clarify your understanding in a culture that thrashes you daily with a tornado of news and advertisements trying only to keep you weak and confused. What can you do?


Men’s Culture in Archearchy – A Three Step Checklist by Clinton Callahan

Every now and then a phrase comes along that strikes sleeping brain cells you didn’t know you had. Startled, the neurons wake up and perceive the electrifying impact with uncanny alertness. How soon your brain cells go back to sleep again depends on how ready you are to jump fully-committed into that new-found alertness and ride it like a bucking bronco.


Next Culture Shaman by Clinton Callahan 

Modern culture has excluded professions vital to any village culture, including the shaman. A culture serves materialistic and superficial aims when the nonlinear arts have been banished. Next culture, archearchy, the culture that comes after patriarchy and matriarchy, is rapidly emerging beneath the media-radar around the planet. Because next culture emerges from the context of radical responsibility and is centered around authentic ongoing adulthood initiatory process, the function of the next culture shaman is different from the traditional shaman. The difference is that a traditional shaman does the work for the client. The next culture shaman empowers clients to do the work on themselves.


Upgrading Human Thoughtware by Clinton Callahan

Clinton's answer to the question from Kosmos Journal: In what ways are you living your highest values? How are you working to embody the change you wish to see in the world? What projects, models or initiatives give you the greatest sense of hope? We invite you to submit an essay on any of these dimensions or in answer to the question: What does ‘living activism’ or ‘living transformation’ mean to you?


Reader Question: 20150408 for Oya Magazine by Clinton Callahan

The Unanswered Question 31: Can a complex society be uncomplicated?


Depression is a Mixed Feeling by Clinton Callahan

We've been discovering (in our 40 years of experimentation in Possibility Management) that depression can be experienced by mixing two feelings together, anger and sadness. If you want to have the experience of depression, mix sadness and anger together. If you don't want to have the experience of depression then start using the New Thoughtmap of Feelings (where there are no positive or negative feelings and where feelings are neutral useful energy and information for leading creative and productive adult lives) and go through the 20 minute process of separating feeling sad from feeling angry. Unmix the feelings.



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