- An Organization is two or more people with a common Purpose. This definition includes a relationship or a family in the category of Organizations. Every Organization has a Box and is subject to the laws of Box Mechanics. The difference between the Organization Box and the individual Box is that the individual Box is the only Box that can take Responsibility. Organizations can be viewed as living organisms that need food, use energy, make waste, communicate, move, evolve, expel contaminants and parasites, replicate themselves, fight or align with other Organizations, and die. Organizations become rigid if they are conceived of as being hierarchical. Organizations are more fluid if they are conceived with a more organic flow of power and authority such as with Galaxical Organization Charts. (See Box Mechanics, Gameworld, Purpose)

ORTHOGONAL - The term "Orthogonal" comes from mathematics and literally means perpendicular to or at right angles to. Possibility Management uses the word Orthogonal to mean "at right angles to the Possibility limits of the prevailing Space or Gameworld." Orthogonal is another word for Nonlinear. Orthogonal Actions lead to innovation and are crucial for Creating Possibility. (See Nonlinear)

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