NCRTC holds open the door to collaborations in a number of projects which have heretofore been beyond the scope of our team. What we are looking for are entrepreneurial relationships with spaceholders for these projects who are inspired by landing more radical-responsibility memes in the global ethnosphere. It bothers us that these memes are not yet available to everyone as an option to choose from.

Following is a list of our current project openings.



MMO&OPDG - Massively Multiplayer On & Offline Personal Development Gameworld. We have plans for an entirely new genre of massively multiplayer online game. Players use their actual identity and receive increasingly sophisticated challenges to accomplish in the offline world. Success needs to be proven with online videos and valid certificates of completion, which means that players actually need to gain the skills and experience of the initiations in the real world. By gaining skills and experience players automatically build matrix in their energetic body, which expands consciousness by reflex. The game creates a new future for humanity. As Jane McGonigal says: Games give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes.

We estimate that this project requires a starting budget of €14 million for the first three years using eastern European programmers to generate a level of onscreen experience equivalent to World of Warcraft®.

We are looking for a collaborative relationship with highly experienced game developers and a project manager, or better yet, an already existing game-development company. If you are interested or can recommend someone please write to




Several novelizations of potential film scripts are in various stages of completion on our desks here at NCRTC. We are looking for film producers interested in making these into full length feature films.

  • End of Waiting (draft)
  • Switch (draft)

If you are interested or can recommend someone please write to

Thank you!