- When you encounter an obstacle, regardless of whether it is physical or energetic, internal or external, you encounter the obstacle as an obstacle. This is almost too obvious to speak about. But encountering an obstacle as an obstacle plucks it naked of all of its other Possibilities. Painting Doorways is the Possibility Management tool of transforming obstacles into passageways to New Territories. You do this by pulling your Possibility Paint Brush out of your Tool Belt and Painting a Doorway and handle on the solid wall of impossibility. Then you turn the handle and walk through the door. Anyone in Contact with you in that moment will easily slide with you into the next Space and may not even notice the change of Spaces except for the new set of Possibilities. (See Declaring, "IS" Glue, Navigating Space, New Territory, Possibility Trainer, Tool Belt)

PARALLEL CULTURE - A Parallel Culture is two or more people making Actions in a Gameworld using Thoughtware that is different from the Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware of the dominant culture. A Parallel Culture is in the same circumstances as the dominant culture but creates different Results. Cultures can be distinguished and graphed according to their level of Responsibility, from Irresponsible to Radically Responsible. Western culture is classified at the child level of Responsibility, lower than Adult Responsibility, because we are making messes and are not cleaning them up. (See Action, Radical Responsibility)

PARENT - (See Adult )

PERSECUTOR - The Persecutor is an Archetypal Shadow World character in a Low Drama who unconsciously uses the energy of anger to serve your Gremlin. The Persecutor takes the Position of "I am okay, you are not okay," and uses that as justification for trying to get rid of or exclude the other person. (See Gremlin, Low Drama, Map of Possibility)


PHYSICAL CENTER - Your Physical Center is the center of your physical body, located halfway between your hipbones, and halfway back through your abdomen. Your Physical Center has various names in various traditions (dan-tien, hara, etc.) and is often a key consideration in martial arts schools. Since Possibility Management is a form with some similarities to the martial arts, it is no surprise that the Physical Center plays a role in the studies of a Possibility Manager. (See Being Centered, Four Bodies)

PIRATE -Rules are assumed to dictate where you can go and where you cannot go, who you can be and who you cannot be, what you must do and what you can never do. Rules of thinking, speaking, being and acting stand between you and going Nonlinear. In order to go Nonlinear the dominance of rules must somehow be circumvented. There is a character for whom rules hold no concern. This character is the Pirate. The capital "P" differentiates an Extraordinary Radically Responsible Pirate who breaks the rules in order to give more, from an Ordinary Irresponsible Pirate who breaks the rules in order to take more. A Responsible Pirate grants themselves permission to grant themselves permission. If a Pirate appears to be following the rules it is mere coincidence. (See Archetype, Dangerous Question, Nonlinear, Pirate Agreement, Possibility Manager, Radical Responsibility)

PIRATE AGREEMENT - High Level Fun is when you commit to producing a Result before you know how. If you start playing High Level Fun you eventually come to realize that you cannot do it alone. However, the specific kind of help you need to produce Results before you know how is help that cannot be manipulated or thwarted by anything so mundane as circumstances. Your commitment is to produce the Result no matter what. To succeed you can call on a Responsible Pirate to make a Pirate Agreement with you. The agreement is to do everything possible to help produce the Result. They have permission to do anything it takes to get you to succeed... It has been reported that Pirates who make Pirate Agreements can be heard to walk away singing, "Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirate's life fer me!" (See Dangerous Questions, High Drama, Pirate)

POSITION - A Position is an arbitrary Belief taken to be true and subsequently defended against all Feedback to the contrary. Beliefs have no relationship to Reality. The Position that your ideas are right and another person's ideas are wrong automatically and inevitably lead to war. Positionality is characteristic of Boxes still tied to using their adolescent Defensive orientation. (See Being Nothing, Being Wrong, Belief, Box Mechanics, Defensive Context, Do Overs, Expansive Context, Feedback)

POSSIBILITY - A measurable quality of any conversation, Space, Organization or Gameworld. The amount of Possibility is equal to the present number of real options available to Choose from. In general, ninety-nine percent of the Possibilities that are available right now are invisible to you. This is because the Box occludes Possibilities out of its habitual Defensive orientation. Possibility is a Bright Principle. Possibility is one of the most valuable things in the universe. For example, any product or service that you buy you do not buy for the product or service itself but rather for the Possibility that this product or service creates for you. (See Creating Possibility, Navigating Space, Principle, Space)

POSSIBILITY LISTENING (LISTENING AS A SPACE) - Possibility Listening is one of the four kinds of listening distinguished in Possibility Management. In Possibility Listening you use your Clicker to Declare yourself as Being A Space into which the other person can speak. By comparison, Adult Responsible listening has the purpose of understanding what is being said. You must be there to understand, and you might ask questions, interrupt for clarifications and demand precisions that can easily interrupt the flow of the speaker's thoughts and Feelings. In Possibility Listening there is no such requirement of understanding. Instead your attention as the listener serves as an empty workbench upon which the speaker can work things out uninterrupted. If you do not limit yourself to trying to understand what you hear then you can hear anything. Being the Space into which the other person can say anything is an astonishingly powerful tool and should be used like you would use any powerful tool, appropriately and as needed. (See Being A Space, Declaring)

POSSIBILITY MANAGEMENT - Possibility Management is the open code Gameworld entered by taking Radical Responsibility for creating the possibility of Possibility. The Gameworld of Possibility Management was initialized in 1975 by Clinton Callahan and has been continuously developed, documented and delivered in various training environments since then. In 1995 Western civilization broke the evolution barrier and continues to exceed the naturally allowed speed of cultural evolution. Present Organizations use last millennium designs and can be hindered by not being fluid enough to function effectively in the new millennium conditions. Possibility Management proposes new Organizational forms and New Meeting Technologies. In the near future the job of Possibility Manager will appear on company Org Charts as a change agent with Radical Responsibility for liberating and applying a greater proportion of an Organization's human intellectual capital. If it is your calling to provide new Thoughtware for leaders or managers through coaching, consulting or training, consider getting yourself certified as a Possibility Trainer. (See Core Skills, Gameworld, Meeting Technology, Possibility, Possibility Trainer, Radical Responsibility, Thoughtware)

POSSIBILITY MANAGER - An individual trained and certified in applying the Thoughtware of Possibility Management. Possibility Managers serve individuals and Organizations by converting obstacles, conflicts and diversity into opportunities, solutions and Results. On the Map of Possibility, a Possibility Manager is the Archetypal Bright-World King or Queen character serving Bright Principles to create High Drama. (See Archetype, Map of Possibility, Possibility Management, Principles, Thoughtware)

POSSIBILITY SPEAKING (SPEAKING AS A SPACE) - If you do not know what you are supposed to say, then you can say anything. In Possibility Speaking, what speaks is the Destiny Principles that you serve and the Archetypes you have Stellated. When you are being the Space through which your Destiny Principles can do their work, the usual Box empowered "you" is not there. If the Box is not there filling up the Space with its usual concerns and opinions, then what can be spoken serves something greater than your Box. The secret to Possibility Speaking is to first to make Contact and commit to serving the authentic necessity of the individual or group you are speaking to. Commit before you know how, then click your Clicker to vanish yourself into a Space, and speak before you know what you are going to say. Let your commitment lead you and keep speaking into the necessity. (See Archetypes, Clicker, Destiny, Discovery Speaking, Responsible Principles, Space, Stellating)

POSSIBILITY STONE - An actual pebble kept on your person as a Reminding Factor of the unlimited Possibilities available when you Shift Identity into being a Possibility Manager. The Possibility Stone can be used for developing muscles of Attention by repeatedly placing your Attention on the Possibility Stone and then taking your Attention away again. You can also use your Possibility Stone for locating "Now." When you touch your stone, "Now" occurs in that moment when you experience the stone-touching sensation. (See Attention, Now, Reminding Factor, Shift, Tool Belt)

POSSIBILITY TEAM - A new Meeting Technology from Possibility Management. Possibility Teams use Rapid Learning, Winning Happening and Possibility Speaking to create Possibility for individuals and the Organization. Possibility Teams regard mistakes as intellectual property. (See Meeting Technology, Possibility Speaking, Rapid Learning, Winning Happening)

POSSIBILITY TRAINER - Participants of a training can only go as far as the Trainer can go. This means that the Trainer needs to go first. A Possibility Trainer is an individual trained and certified to train others to apply the Thoughtware of Possibility Management. There is a big difference between Educators and Trainers.
● Educators provide explanations and information in classes where people learn how to do what is already known. Education provides new knowledge.
● Trainers provide possibilities in trainings where people gain abilities to innovate ways to do what is not yet known. Training provides new behavior.
Educators put information into your Box. Trainers help you redesign your Box. Educators provide what to think about. Trainers provide what to think with.
A Possibility Trainer's job requires an enhanced Creator Archetype connected directly to the source of Possibility. Through Practice, a Possibility Trainer learns to take Reality apart and put it back together again with a new shape so that it provides the required new possibilities. A Possibility Trainer takes Radical Responsibility and Navigates Space to the Liquid State so that individuals or Organizations can learn in all Four Bodies not just in the Mind. What a Possibility Trainer must learn is beyond what is provided by Western culture. This is the necessity that created Callahan Academy. (See Creator, Four Bodies, High Drama, Liquid State, Navigate Space, Possibility Manager, Practice, Radical Responsibility, Starmaker, Thoughtware)

POSSIBILITY WAND - The Possibility Wand is a tool clipped to your Possibility Manager Tool Belt. The Possibility Wand is a sentence, specifically the Declaration that, "Something completely different from this is possible right now." The most bewildering aspect of using your Possibility Wand is simply remembering in the moment when you need it that you have it. (See Declaration, Possibility Manager, Reminding Factor, Tool Belt)

PRACTICE - Practice is intentionally enacting behaviors producing a quality of stress that builds Matrix. Practice is often Orthogonal to what is happening in a Space and can therefore require the conscious use of Gremlin to break free of the embarrassment of Practicing when others in the Space are not Practicing. Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Relationship only arise when supported by a certain level of Practice. You can gradually build for yourself a life of Practice. The experience of Practice, for example when you first try Adult Responsible communication with Completion Loops, may at first feel unreal, unnatural or inauthentic. This sensation of strangeness can arise because when you first start consciously Practicing you are not Hooked. The sense that your Action is unreal is only the unfamiliar Gap in Space that comes with the non-Identification characteristic of Conscious Theater. The Gap allows you to move in any direction in any moment for no reason. Practice only happens consciously. Consciousness creates freedom. (See Conscious Theater, Gap, Gremlin, Identification, Inner Navigating, Matrix, Orthogonal,)

PRINCIPLE - A Principle is an energetic Force of Nature (to borrow a phrase from George Bernard Shaw). Bright Principles are facets of Responsibility such as Respect, Clarity, Possibility, or Winning Happening. Shadow Principles are facets of Irresponsibility such as Revenge, Good/Bad, Deception, or I Win You Lose. When you become the Space through which the Bright Principles that you serve can do their work then you are used by something greater than your Box and you become a Force of Nature. When serving Bright Principles you become Archetypal Man or Woman as your Destiny in Action. When serving Shadow Principles you become Gremlin as your Hidden Purpose in Action. Buckminster Fuller spoke about Principles like this: "There are no solids. There are no things. There are only interfering and noninterfering patterns operative in pure principle, and principles are eternal. Principles never contradict principles... The synergetic integral of the totality of principles is God, whose sum-total behavior in pure principle is beyond our comprehension and is utterly mysterious to us, because as humans - in pure principle - we do not and never will know all the principles." (See Archetype, Bright Principle, Destiny, Force of Nature, Hidden Purpose, Map of Possibility, Shadow Principle)

PROBLEM - On the Map of Possibility there is actually no such thing as a Problem. Therefore any time there appears to be a Problem either from your perspective or from someone else's perspective, the Problem is an act of conscious or unconscious Theater. You can try the Experiment of regarding any Problem as an indicator that signals the start of the next Gameworld - often the invitation to deeper intimacy. This is the basis of the Possibility Management Meeting Technology named The Problem Is The Solution. (See Conscious Theater, Low Drama, Meeting Technology, Victim)

PROJECTION - An extremely effective Box defense strategy. The Box takes any part of itself that it does not accept and transfers that quality to other people whom we can then outwardly ridicule. (See Box, Box Mechanics)

PSYCHOLOGY - Another name for Box. All of Psychology is a virtual reality. (See Box, Mind, Thoughtware)

PURPOSE - Purpose is the fundamental motivator in human beings. Every Action we take has a Purpose. We are either conscious or unconscious of the Purpose of our Action. Our consciousness or unconsciousness places our Action on either the Responsible or Irresponsible side of the Map of Possibility and determines the quality of the Results that we create. We can determine the true Purpose of our Action or inaction by looking at the Results. We may be fooling ourselves about our Purpose, but the Results never lie. (See Action, Map of Possibility, Navigating Space, Result)

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