- Ordinary Responsibility has been given a bad reputation in Western civilization. The message is that Responsibility is a burden. Responsibility makes you guilty. If you are Responsible then you are the one to be blamed or punished. To differentiate the Responsibility of High Drama from ordinary Responsibility we introduce the term Radical Responsibility. Radical Responsibility is the Unreasonable Declaration that you are the cause of everything, and that you take full Responsibility for everything that is and everything that happens even though you cannot control it. Like in juggling, for example, where you have only two hands but you are Responsible for three balls, even though you often cannot control one of them. Radical Responsibility is taking Responsibility even for the level of Responsibility you are taking. If you take Radical Responsibility then you are suddenly way beyond the influence of circumstances, excuses, reason, logic or Psychology. Everything that happens is neutral, without Story, without meaning. There is no such thing as a Problem. It is impossible to be a Victim of a situation because you created the situation exactly like it is. Irresponsibility is a complete illusion. Radical Responsibility is the practical manifestation of Archetypal Love. (See Archetype, Love, Map of Possibility, Unreasonable)

RAPID LEARNING - Rapid Learning is a three step model of short cycle-time evolution that proves to be a simple and useful model for improving relationship. Rapid Learning begins with Go! Try something first, before you try to figure it all out in advance. What you can trust about the world is that it will give you Feedback about whatever you do or do not do. There are only two kinds of Feedback that you can get: Go! or Beep! Go! tells you to keep Go!ing. Beep! tells you to Shift your behavior according to your goal, and then Go! again. These are the three steps of Rapid Learning. Go! Feedback. Shift. Then Go! again. Rapid Learning is a simple powerful Thought-Map, useful for making sense of what happens in a rapidly evolving environment like relationship. (See Coaching, Feedback, High Drama, Meeting Technology, Shift, Swamp, Thought-Map)

REAL QUESTION - Questions can come from any of the Four Bodies. We are most familiar with reasonable questions or curiosity questions that come from the intellectual body. Answers to intellectual questions further expand your already expanded intellect. A Real Question comes from the Heart of the Emotional Body or the Soul of the energetic body and is often Unreasonable. One who asks a Real Question puts himself at risk of getting an answer. Gaining an intellectual answer to a Real Question destroys the Box expanding potential of the Real Question because the mind grabs hold of the answer and thinks it has something. But the Box tricks the mind into forgetting the answer in the next moment. A more intelligent and more uncomfortable use of Real Questions is to let them remain unanswered. The discomfort over time builds Matrix so you become the answer. (See Asking, Box, Dangerous Question, Discovery Speaking, Four Bodies, Matrix, Unreasonable)

REALITY - Objective Reality is what is, as it is, without judgment. Just this. Subjective Reality is what is seen through the Story agreed upon to establish the rules in any particular Gameworld. Realities can be more or less rigid. The true nature of the universe is fluid and groundless. Realities become rigid when people take the Position (believe) that the Stories of their Gameworld are true and not just Stories. Rigid Realities tend to generate excuses, conflict and Low Drama instead of Results and High Drama. (See Belief, Gameworld, Memetic Virus, Painting Doorways, Reinventing Reality, Story)

REINVENTING REALITY - The Stories that produce a Reality can be rewritten, that is, restructured into new forms so as to contain different sets of Possibilities. With regards to Reality, function follows form. That is, when a Reality has a new form it has a new functionality. You can Reinvent Reality such that your Choices and Actions serve your Destiny. (See Action, Choosing, "IS" Glue, "IS" Glue Dissolver, Liquid State)

RELATIONSHIP - Three distinctions determine the experiential quality of your Relationship: Ordinary Human, Extraordinary Human, and Archetypal. In Ordinary Human Relationship you avoid Responsibility, there is a scarcity of love, and you use your partner to create Low Drama. In Extraordinary Human Relationship you take Adult Responsibility and create High Drama as a source of Extraordinary Human Love. In Archetypal Relationship you take Radical Responsibility for Relationship. Then there is no such thing as a Relationship. What exists is a potential that can be lived into and enlivened any way you want, a Space that can be Navigated, a Possibility that always does not yet exist so therefore cannot be already known. Relationship is then nothing until you produce what it is through ongoing acts of Nonlinear creation. Archetypal Relationship thrives when you commit to what the other person is committed to and communicate about what arises in relationship. Immediate communication creates intimacy. An easy gauge of what Space you are Navigating your Relationship into is to detect your Purpose. Either you are seeking to be right, or you are seeking to be in Relationship. (See Experiential Reality, Laboratory, Love, Navigating Space, Nonlinear)

REMINDING FACTOR - A Reminding Factor is a self-arranged condition that indicates a way out of the constraints of a particular Space. Without Reminding Factors the Box's defensive filtering easily blocks you from remembering that "Something completely different from this is always possible right now." You can develop the knack of arranging Reminding Factors to keep one foot outside of a Space. Then no matter what the circumstances are, Possibility is always a possibility. Reminding Factors must be somehow disturbing or uncomfortable in order to function, and they can vary wildly. For example, the Practice of behaving in some way contrary to any of the Box's habits creates a Reminding Factor (e.g. not smiling or cursing when you make an error in sports, or tying your shoes with the bow pointing another way). You will find it necessary to persistently develop new Reminding Factors because the Box's propensity for self-induced sleep can disempower the wake-up effect of a Reminding Factor in a remarkably short time. (See Matrix, Possibility Wand, Practice, Radical Responsibility, Space)

RESCUER - The Rescuer is a Shadow World Archetypal character who unconsciously uses the energy of fear to serve your Gremlin in Low Drama. The Rescuer takes the Position of "I am okay, you are not okay," and uses that as justification for doing something for someone else because you feel afraid that they cannot adequately do it for themselves. (See Gremlin, Low Drama, Map of Possibility)

RESPONSIBILITY - Responsibility is consciousness in Action. We cannot choose our level of consciousness. If we could choose our level of consciousness then we could simply stop having Low Drama; we could stop having wars; we could stop degrading our environment. Since we cannot choose our level of consciousness, we also cannot choose our level of Responsibility. Responsibility increases through building the thing upon which consciousness can grow. That thing is Matrix. (See Action, Low Drama, Matrix, Parallel Culture, Radical Responsibility)

RESPONSIBLE PRINCIPLES - (See Bright Principles , Map of Possibility )

RESPONSIBLE STORY - A Responsible Story is High Drama consciously generated as an arena for serving Bright Principles. Responsible Stories are neither better nor worse than Victim Stories; they simply give you more power. (See Conscious Theater, Story, Victim Story)

RESULT - A Result is the outcome of an Action. Examining the Results shows whether an Action served Responsible Purposes or Irresponsible Purposes. Results locate your Action on the Map of Possibility as either Low Drama or High Drama. Whatever your intentions, the Results never lie. (See Action, Irresponsibility, Map of Possibility, Radical Responsibility, and the example given in entry for Thought-Map)

RITE OF PASSAGE - (See Stellating Archetypes )

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