- Self-sitting is a contemplative form of Practice done in stillness and silence, usually with the eyes closed, at the same time and the same place for the same length of time each day. A regular Practice of Self-Sitting builds Matrix and is ideal for developing Attention, Inner Navigation and Being. (See Attention, Being Center, Inner Navigating, Matrix, Practice, Together-Sitting)

SHADOW PRINCIPLE - Shadow Principles are an Archetypal force of nature. The overriding Shadow Principle is Irresponsibility or Unconsciousness. Irresponsibility is unconsciousness in Action. Unconsciousness prisms into a rainbow of Shadow Principles including Revenge, Hatred, Survival, Betrayal, Being Betrayed, Superiority, Manipulation, Blame, Deception, Exclusion, Disempowerment, Good / Bad, Arrogance, Disrespect, Scarcity, Competition, Being Right, Self Pity, Greed, Envy, Jealousy, Sneaking, Resentment, Making Wrong, Withholding, Domination, Contamination, Separation, Right / Wrong, and so on. Gremlin thrives in the service of Shadow Principles. (See Bright Principle, Gremlin, Map of Possibility, Principle)

SHADOW WORLD (UNDERWORLD) - The domain of Actions and Gameworlds dedicated to serving Shadow Principles. (See Gremlin, Low Drama, Map of Possibility, Shadow Principle)

SHIFT - Shift is step three in the Rapid Learning process. Shift means to briefly enter the Liquid State so that your internal reference points ("assemblage points" per Carlos Castaneda's writings about the teachings of Don Juan Matus) can reorganize themselves. The new association of reference points gives your Box new functionality because your Actions come from a redrawn Thought-Map. Since your set of possible actions is defined by the character in yourself with which you are presently Identified, by Shifting Identity you shift what is possible for you. A useful Identity to shift into is the Possibility Manager. The Clicker makes Shifting clear and quick. (See Box Mechanics, Clicker, Coaching, Feedback, Identification, Liquid State, Rapid Learning, Reinventing Reality, Story, Thought-Map)

SORCERESS - (See Creator )

SOUL - (We tread on protected territory attempting to define the term "Soul" here. But, hey, this is Possibility Management! Let us give it a try! The worst thing that can happen is we get a Beep.) A human being has Four Bodies: a physical body with organs that have sensations, an intellectual body with a mind that has thoughts, an emotional body with a heart that has Feelings, and an energetic body with a Soul that has presence or being. The Soul is the Being Center of your energetic body. The Soul is born to fulfill a Destiny, is nurtured through intimacy, and is capable of being inspired. Your Soul starts out about the size of a grapefruit. Your Soul can grow when your Matrix grows, through certain kinds of stresses, nutrients, shocks, experiences, radiations, influences, efforts, repetitions, and clarity about how things work. In especially safe environments Soul can let itself be known. The willingness to let one's Soul be known builds authentic community in Organizations. (For more on this see the books Open Space Technology by Harrison Owen, and The Different Drum by M. Scott Peck). (See Box, Four Bodies, Matrix)

SPACE - There are two kinds of Space: Physical Space as defined by solid walls, ceilings and floors, and energetic Space that comes into existence through Declaration. Energetic Space can change size, location and Purpose according to your conscious intention. You can learn to Declare energetic Space as a skill. Declared energetic Space is a volume of Attention in which you take Responsibility for Responsibility. When a Space is Declared and owned, that Space can then be Navigated to serve True Purposes. (See Declaring, Holding Space, Navigating Space, Possibility Trainer, True Purpose)

SPACE HOLDING - (See Holding Space )

SPEAKING AS A SPACE - (See Possibility Speaking )

SPRINGSCREEN - A Possibility Management tool that allows you to avoid being Hooked. The Springscreen is useful when you encounter a scene that would normally upset you, offend you, frighten you, take your Center, knock you off balance, over stimulate you (for example with rich food, easy money, or casual sex), or in some way Hook you into Low Drama. To use the Springscreen first notice that the scene before you appears on a white screen. This screen has a rubber loop hanging from its bottom. If you simply unhook the rubber band from the floor the entire screen rolls up like a movie projection screen and instantly vanishes. It is a Springscreen! All that remains is the next perfectly blank white Springscreen. If the same scene starts to replay itself on your new Screen, simply unhook that one and it zips away too! You have an unlimited number of Springscreens! (Possibility Manager Johann Göbel invented the Springscreen in 2003.) (See Disk of Nothing, Hooked, Unhookable)

STANDARD HUMAN INTELLIGENCE THOUGHTWARE - The way you think is not random. You think in repeated patterns determined by how you perceive the relationships between things as described by your Thoughtware and Thought-Maps. You derived your present set of Thoughtware largely from your parents before you went to school. Where did your parents get their Thoughtware? From their parents. Where did they get their Thoughtware? From their parents, and so on. Most people adopt their birth culture's Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware, the same set of Memes that has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. You are probably using some very old Thoughtware. Newer versions of Thoughtware exist. You have the option of upgrading your Thoughtware whenever you want to. Such upgrading happens in trainings. Trainings differ from classes in that a class gives you new information to think about, whereas a training gives you new Thoughtware and Thought-Maps to think with. (See Belief, Expand the Box, Marshmallow Zone, Meme, Possibility Trainer, Thought-Map, Thoughtware)

STAR - In astronomy a star is at the center of a solar system. In Possibility Management a Star is at the Center of a Gameworld. You may think that a Star has all the glory and sits in the most important Position, but this is not true. Stars need planets. A Star without planets is a lone wolf. It is equally true that planets need Stars. A planet without a Star is interstellar debris. Coming together, planets and stars form something greater than each of them individually. Together they form a planetary system, an Organization, a Gameworld. You do not join an Organization to solve the problem of loneliness. In fact, coming together in an Organization is not intended to solve any problems at all. Coming together into an Organization creates a Gameworld that is the Possibility that Bright Principles can do their work in the world. (See Center, Organization, Stellate)

STARMAKER - Certain individuals who Stellate their Archetypes serve Destiny Principles such as Integrity, Clarity, Possibility, Transformation and Love. A person serving this particular set of Bright Principles loves to liberate the vast and awesome potential of others. In Possibility Management the job of making other Stars is called Starmaker. Starmaker professions include teacher, trainer, coach, consultant, healer, mediator, guide, manager, leader, doctor, nurse, therapist and so on. But where do Starmakers come from? Think about it. If we are to somehow renew our public education system so it provides tools and techniques needed to live well in a rapidly evolving closed-ecology environment we cannot start by teaching students because where would we get the teachers? We have to create the teachers first! What is the way towards making new teachers? We need men and women capable of training trainers, healing healers, and teaching teachers. We need people who can make Starmakers. This is the aim of Possibility Management, to make Starmakers so they can make other Starmakers. (See Destiny, Possibility Trainer, Star, Stellating Archetypes)

STELLATE - To change from a planet into a star. A planet absorbs more energy than it radiates. A star radiates more energy than it absorbs. Human Beings are designed to live as Stars: creating, designing, exploring, producing, generating, and so on. Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware has us living as planets: consuming, imitating, criticizing, giving our Center away, being adaptive, feeding off of the Responsibility of authority figures, and so on. You can learn and Practice with upgraded Thoughtware to possess your Center, to take Responsibility for Responsibility, and to become the source of resources. Stellating would naturally occur during a rite of passage that you are ripe for at about fifteen years of age, but this maturation process is not provided by ordinary Western culture. (See Being Centered, Starmaker, Thoughtware)

STELLATING ARCHETYPES - Stellating Archetypes means initializing Archetypes, turning them on. Each of the four Feelings is associated with a Bright World Archetype and a Shadow World Archetype (e.g. Anger with both the Doer and the Persecutor, Sadness with both the Communicator and the Victim, Fear with both the Creator and the Rescuer, Joy with both the Adult King / Queen and the Gremlin). Shadow World Archetypes are generally already activated through the use of Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware. Bright World Archetypes can only be turned on consciously when they are mature and ready to be activated at about fifteen years of age. The process of Stellating Bright World Archetypes requires that you experience and express one hundred percent maximum of each of the four Feelings intentionally until you discover that although the energy of the Feelings is big, you are bigger. Then for the rest of your life the resources of the Archetypes are available for you to use. (See Archetype, Center, Feeling, Stellate)

STORY - As described in the Map of Possibility, everything that exists and everything that happens is without meaning and completely neutral. But you are a human being. You do not leave things that way. Human beings are always creating. You create by making Stories about what exists and what happens. Stories are the meanings you add, your interpretations, how you see things, your assumptions, projections, judgments, criticisms, opinions, implications, conclusions, expectations, and so on. Your Stories make the world look acceptable to your Box. You package Stories in specific tones of voice and emotional moods in order to slant things, twist things, add spin, Hook people, and make things important or invisible, so that your Position is justified and your Box is proved right. If you can create your Box's usual Stories then your Box feels safe and tells you that you will survive. It is amazing that we can believe our own Stories even though we just make them up out of nothing using "IS" Glue. The Box has an uncanny ability to pop into a Gameworld created by a Story and act as if the Gameworld were Reality. Much of your Story making is unconscious and thus serves Shadow Principles. With Practice you can learn to use Story making to create High Drama and serve Conscious Purposes. (See Box, Experiment, Gameworld, "IS" Glue, Map of Possibility, Unhookable)

SWAMP - If it is not okay for you to receive Feedback then in the Map of Rapid Learning you go into the Swamp. The world is a giant Feedback generator. Receiving direct, honest, confrontive Feedback can challenge the Reality of your Box. Having your Box challenged is one of the most disturbing experiences you could possibly have. When you are more committed to defending your Box than you are to Expanding your Box, you must somehow avoid Feedback. One very clever way to distract yourself from "negative" Feedback is to enter the Swamp. You are in the Swamp when you hear voices in your head such as, "I'm not good enough, I'm a failure, I will never make it anyway, Nobody loves me, Nobody listens to me, I can't do it, I'm too stupid, I'm too weak," and so on. After awhile you might even get turn your Story making towards the ones who gave you the Feedback, "What do they know about me anyway? Who are they to be giving me Feedback? Look at their life! They are stupid! They are a failure," and so on. The energetic quagmire of having these voices in your mind is the Swamp. The voices provide your "x on the map" to clarify that you are in the Swamp. Recognizing that you are in the Swamp gives you a Choice. Clarity gives you power - the power to Choose. You can continue to fester and decay in the Swamp, or you Choose to get out. To get out all you have to do is say to yourself, "Ah! I have these voices in my head! I must be in the Swamp! I must have received some Feedback that was not okay with my Box." If you go to the person who gave you the Feedback and say, "Thanks for the Feedback," this immediately takes you out of the Swamp and puts you back into Rapid Learning. Then you can use the Feedback to guide you about what to shift to get better Results when you try again. (See Box, Feedback, Rapid Learning, Voice Blaster)

SWORD OF CLARITY - The Sword is the metaphorical tool of the Archetypal Doer (Warrior/Warrioress). It is the Doer who establishes and cares for a relationship with Archetypal Anger such that anger informs his Actions and enables him to move with precision and without hesitation. The Sword Of Clarity is used to make distinctions, make decisions, create clarity, and when necessary, make boundaries. As the Archetypal Doer you learn to never put away your Sword, not even when you go to bed. This makes you potent, ever alert, attentive, hot to Ask Dangerous Questions, and therefore useful for serving the Archetypal Man / King and Archetypal Woman / Queen. (See Archetype, Attention, Dangerous Questions, Stellating Archetypes, Tool Belt, Victim Story)

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