TECHNOPENURIAPHOBIA (TPP) - Technopenuriaphobia is the fear of the lack of technology. Technopenuriaphobia is a side effect of the Patriarchal disregard for the fact that we live on a closed ecology planet. Children of modern culture are born halfway up a long Ladder of Technology. For such a child, water comes from a faucet. Light comes when you flick a switch. Food comes from the refrigerator or grocery store. Cars or trains take us anywhere we want to go in total comfort. And money comes from cash machines. Behind a life of comfort is the subtle but pervasive terror that our thin veil of technology could suddenly fail. Since we do not know how to live on planet Earth without our technological interface, failure of our technology certifies our death. The cure for Technopenuriaphobia is repeated exposure to gradually decreased levels of technology, until at last we regain the ability to live on the Earth with a minimum of technology. (See Feelings)

THEATER - (See Conscious Theater )








In the Map of Changed Results you can see that new Results come from making new Actions. (It would be a form of insanity to think that you could get new Results by continuing your same Actions!) New Actions are produced when you make new decisions to act. Making new decisions is based on having new options to Choose from. And new options come from new Thought-Maps. Instead of working on the level of trying to change your habitual Actions you can go directly to the level of your Thought-Maps. Making a small change in your Thought-Maps can produce a significant change in your Results. (See Action, Meme, Possibility, Result, Thoughtware)

THOUGHTWARE - Thoughtware is the specific formulation of Memes used by an individual to create the meaning of their perceptions and the decisions for their actions. No matter how it may look or feel to a user, all Thoughtware is arbitrary fiction. (See Box, Meme, Parallel Culture, Possibility Management)

TOGETHER-SITTING - Together-sitting is a contemplative form of Practice done in stillness and silence as a dyad. The eyes are open and you are gazing into the eyes of your partner exploring and deepening Contact. A regular Practice of Together-Sitting builds Matrix and is ideal for developing Inner Navigation and Being. (See Being Center, Contact, Countenance, Inner Navigating, Matrix, Practice, Relationship, Self-Sitting)

TONIC GOLDTM - A true alchemical elixir with the same Matrix building properties as this book and Expand the Box trainings. Tonic Gold is a catalyst that moves through your energetic blocks and harmonizes, coordinates and balances your Four Bodies, promoting evolution. Tonic Gold is imbued with its own intelligence; it locates and transforms Irresponsible tendencies redirecting them to strengthen the body's own innate healing capacity. Tonic Gold is integrative and supports other healing and transformational processes. Tonic Gold is handcrafted exclusively in limited quantities in India, in the modern laboratory of a European man who is one of the world's leading Master Alchemists. Tonic Gold is unequalled in quality and requires one year to prepare. In USA call +1 888-886-6427. In Hong Kong call +852 (0)2512 0347 or email: reflection(at) In Germany call +49 (0)89-74949473. (See Expand the Box, Experiment, Matrix)

TOOL BELT - In the same moment you shift identity to become a Possibility Manager you also buckle on your Possibility Manager Tool Belt. The Tool Belt contains a full set of energetic tools for use in managing what is possible. (See Bag of Things, Clicker, Disk of Nothing, "IS" Glue, "IS" Glue Dissolver, Painting Doorways, Possibility Wand, Sword of Clarity, Voice Blaster)

TRUE PURPOSE (CONSCIOUS PURPOSE, DESTINY) - The three, four or five Bright Principles that form the intention and direction of your Destiny. Your life is your True Purpose in Action when you are the Space through which your Bright Principles can do their work in the world. (See Destiny, Distilling Destiny Process, Hidden Purpose, High Drama, Map of Possibility)

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