As a young man I deeply wished for a mentor who could see who I was even better than I could, someone with more open-hearted precision than a school program that was trying to smash me into a square mold. I longed for an elder who begged me to show up in the world and deliver my unspeakably-vulnerable vision until I actually could do it, until my vision was received and implemented as a practical contribution to humanity’s future on Earth. I wanted to be spoken to with so much clarity that I could see and claim my own unique value, rather than being forced to find a way to survive within society’s pre-established framework.

I wanted to learn magic and alchemy, transformational-healing physics, memetic engineering, and how to create and hold spaces of so much loving intimacy that people could let down their ancient walls to trust each other and be friendly and generous. I wanted long-lasting thoughtware laboratories where we could experiment and invent the wild initiatory processes needed to ignite new kinds of adults – adults who know they are Gaia, and who intuitively relate to others and the Earth with the dignity and respect due the honor of having a life on this planet. I wanted to enter a mystery school of life-long students helping each other find the most fun ways to celebrate stretching into our immense capacities and playing full out.

Everything I encountered so far in a lifetime of experience has been distilled and brought together here for you, in Trainer Labs. I hope you enjoy receiving the benefits of all this as much as I have enjoyed bringing it together for you.

I hope you find here an authentic path for becoming activated in your own unquenchable inspiration for serving your Bright Principles and your Archetypal Lineage. I hope I can give enough to the men and women who love archearchy as much as I do, that they carry this school forward long after I am gone. What I, in my heart, know, is that Gaia needs you. She needs you intelligently turned on, building the exact world that your deep self would love to live in.

I will do everything I can to help make that happen. Trainer Labs from the Possibility Management Trainer Guild is, for me, the best gameworld in town, and the most extraordinary community that I know.

- Clinton Callahan


What Are Trainer Labs?

Yes, Trainer Labs do amplify your ability to deliver Expand The Box and Possibility Lab. But there’s more…

The difficulty comes from trying to name it. Since Trainer Labs provide you with transformational talents for producing results for individuals and groups that are often so astonishing they are indistinguishable from magic, Trainer Lab could be called magician’s school. Since Trainer Labs teach you to establish a working relationship with the void, to hold space for and make use of the endless resource of nothingness, Trainer Lab could be called a mystery school. Since Trainer Labs teach you to build a business of training Trainers how to train Trainers to upgrade human thoughtware to the archearchal context of radical responsibility, Trainer Lab could be called an incubator for social entrepreneurs.


Call it what you want, here are five purposes served by Trainer Lab:

Purpose 1: TO BUILD YOUR TRAINER MATRIX in your energetic body through both linear and nonlinear, surprising and intimate Trainer-level experiences.

Purpose 2: TO CONNECT AND EXCHANGE WITH TRAINERS bringing the Trainer Guild together and weaving further connectedness in the Trainer Body. Trainers share what they have developed and learn what others have discovered, exchanging research.

Purpose 3: TO UPGRADE TRAINER GUILD STRATEGY AND TACTICS for furthering the Possibility Management Trainer Guild as a mutually empowering organism serving the evolution of consciousness in the world, collaborating with other global training centers and initiators, and updating the Trainer Guild Codex.

Purpose 4: TO DELIVER KICK-BUTT PERSONAL PROCESSES that boost each Trainer’s ability to be their destiny in action, even if this involves chairwork processes that are too complex, too delicate, or too cleverly Gremlin-defended to be handled in Possibility Labs.

Purpose 5: TO TRAIN TRAINER-TRAINERS, in other words, to train you how to deliver Trainer Labs. It is Clinton's opinion that we need one million (1,000,000) Possibility Trainers and Possibility Coaches working in the world right now operating in all fields of culture shift in order to bride people from Patriarchy and Matriarchy to Archearchy.

It takes a lot to get into a Trainer Lab. As compensation you take a lot out of it.

Trainer Labs are of necessity experimental spaces. An interesting question is: Are we experimenting or being experimented with? Trainers who are willing to have no answer to that question are more likely to be delighted with what happens in Trainer Labs.


Who Should Come To Trainer Labs?

Trainers should come to Trainer Labs who meet the following criteria: 

  • You are already delivering Expand The Box trainings.
  • You have already been in at least 2 Trainer-Skills Labs.
  • You find deep-in-your-heart a strong resonance for supporting the Trainer Guild in its commitment to upgrading human thoughtware to the context of radical responsibility, in particular through Possibility Teams, Expand The Box trainings, Possibility Labs, Trainer-Skills Labs, Trainer Labs, and other manifestations of the Possibility Management gameworld.
  • You are inspired about growing the Trainer Guild community by caring about and empowering new members of the Trainer Guild and deepening your connection and collaborative projects with other Trainer Guilders. 

What About Copyrights And License Fees?

Possibility Management is open-code thoughtware that comes from the context of radical responsibility and is woven together by Possibility Managers and Possibility Trainers into an evolutionary gameworld.

Open code means the thoughtware is directly accessible by anyone who has the matrix to consciously hold and apply the thoughtware. It cannot be hidden, or rather; it is hidden in plain sight.

In such conditions the whole idea of copyrights does not apply. Possibility Management thoughtware feeds the creative commons because it is free for the taking from an unlimited source. The hook is that radically responsible Possibility Management thoughtware transforms the taker through unquenchably igniting previously unpredictable capacities in them. This can be very transformational stuff.

Therefore, all of Possibility Management is copyleft, which in short means that it can never be copyrighted.

In terms of a Creative Commons license, Possibility Management thoughtware, thoughtmaps, tools, distinctions, processes, exercises and experiments are all licensed to any user under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

You may use whatever you want from Possibility Management forever in any way you want, including making money by giving talks, seminars, workshops, trainings, personal coaching, writing books, making films, smart phone apps, computer games, art, music lyrics, etc. You are licensed to become more rich and famous than us using Possibility Management. Go! All you need to do is reference Possibility Management and as the source, and keep the same agreement when you pass it on to others.

In addition to that, anyone who delivers anything from Expand The Box, Possibility Labs, Trainer-Skills Labs, Trainer Labs, or anything else the Bright Principals might shove down the tubes to Earthlings through the Trainers, pays no license fee to any person or organization who trained you to be a Possibility Trainer, ever. The license fee is included in your training participation fee. Cool, eh? Now you have no reason not to succeed!


How Does Someone Become A Certified Possibility Trainer?

Next Culture Research & Training Center (NCRTC) is currently the only member of the Possibility Management Trainer Guild delivering Trainer Labs. Hopefully there will be other agencies delivering Trainer Labs in the near future, because to shift to the regenerative culture of archearchy, the world needs 1,000,000 Possibility Trainers and Possibility Coaches right now.

Trainer certification is a bizarre thing because you will not be given a Trainer certificate after attending 3 Expand The Boxes, 10 Possibility Labs and 10 Trainer Labs. You are not given a Trainer certificate like a doctor receives a license to practice after earning a university degree. A Possibility Trainer practices first.

You receive certification only after you have already become a Possibility Trainer. That is, after you have already proven that you are producing trained people. By then the certificate itself becomes superfluous… which is as it should be. You are certified by your real-world results.

This is the same as understanding that money has no value in and of itself. Money simply represents worth. Only the worth has worth. The paper notes or computer figures themselves are worthless. Hording money is like mistakenly filling your basement with restaurant menus thinking you are filling your basement with food.


Since you need to be delivering the services of your Archetypal Lineage before you are certified it may take anywhere from 7 months, to 7 years, to 7 lifetimes to become a Certified Possibility Trainer.

The core question for anyone taking this path is: Do you value the process? If the experience of learning what you need to learn, and doing what you need to do, on the path of becoming a Possibility Trainer turns you on, then you gain the satisfying sense that you are in the right profession from the very beginning.

It does not get better than this.

Because Possibility Management is continuously evolving, a Trainer’s path is never finished. In short, every one of us remains the sorcerer’s apprentice forever. This means the gameworld of Possibility Management is a Winning Happening game of doing whatever you can to help empower other Trainers to be better Trainers. This makes the Trainer Guild an infinite game – played so that the game can continue to be played.



Logistical Information


A typical Trainer Lab is five days long, usually from Wednesday, 7 am to Sunday, 6 pm. From time to time there are extended Trainer Labs possible in extraordinary locations.


Trainer Labs currently take place in the seminar house of Puls der Erde e.V. in Lenzwald, about 90 km east of Munich / Germany. We cook our own food and stay in comfortable single rooms, double rooms, or dorms.


Trainer Labs are given by Clinton and Marion Callahan in German and English.

The Trainer Lab is an alcohol and tobacco free program. Since Trainer Lab never ends, this means finding other Gremlin foods also when you are between Trainer Labs.

In the Trainer Labs the Job Manager system from Possibility Labs is rarified. Because the responsibility level is higher, we simply use Whiz-Bang, and adopt the principle that if you see a job to do it is your job.

FEE Each Trainer Lab costs: € 1.000, - plus tax, shared meals, transportation, and lodging no matter how long the Trainer Lab is.

REGISTRATION To apply for your first Trainer Lab please arrange for an interview conversation with Clinton Callahan. If this works out then you will be asked to read over the NCRTC Trainer Agreement and give NCRTC a signed copy.

Simply call us to discuss your particular goals.
Next Culture Research & Training Center, Lenzwald 2, 84570 Polling, Germany: +49 (0)8630-9868649