- Unconscious Purpose is another term for Hidden Purpose. An Unconscious Purpose serves Shadow Principles. Serving Shadow Principles is referred to as Unconscious behavior because if you were conscious of the pain you caused to other people and yourself you could not enact it. (See Gremlin, Hidden Purpose, Map of Possibility, True Purpose)

UNDERWORLD - (See Shadow World )

UNHOOKABLE - The first and most crucial of the seven Core Skills of Possibility Management is staying Unhookable. Staying Unhookable is an art form. Humanity is so easily Hooked that if you become Unhookable you almost seem inhuman. The art is to remain Unhookable and still be human. Unhookable does not mean unfeeling, isolated, shut down or numb. On the contrary, Unhookable means that you perceive the Hooks with great sensitivity and precision, and while still being compassionate you shift slightly out of context of the Hooks. Then the Hooks have no chance to set into your psychological flesh and cause a reaction. The problem is that you will always have a Box. And if you have a Box, then there will always be something there to Hook into. Many of the tools and techniques from Possibility Management aim at keeping you Unhookable, because if you get Hooked you forget that you have Extraordinary and Archetypal possibilities and therefore you forget to access them. (See Center, Core Skills, Disk of Nothing, Hooked, Springscreen)

UNREASONABLE - The Box defends itself through welding every Choice that you make to an acceptable reason. You have been trained to be reasonable. Without a good reason you cannot represent your Choices and Actions as being sane. If you have a good reason, you can get away with (almost) any Irresponsibility. The problem with making a Choice for a reason is that the reason then has the Responsibility and therefore the power in that Choice, not you. In order to go Nonlinear, you need more freedom than is allowed by being reasonable. It is possible to do the internal surgery of separating Choices from reasons. Then when you make a Choice you no longer avoid Radical Responsibility with reasons and you gain access to every possible option. You have become Unreasonable. (See Choosing, Nonlinear, Radical Responsibility, Real Question)

UPPERWORLD - (See Bright World )

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