- There are various ways to frame-up a perspective of the world. Each way creates its own style of reality. Verbal Reality assumes that what is real as what can be named, described, or thought about in words. In Verbal Reality the words lead - your experience is limited to your vocabulary. Ever since childhood we have been hammered into Verbal Reality. Although Verbal Reality is a pillar-stone of modern rationalism it forms a poor basis for Relationship because Relationship is ongoing Nonlinear creation. In order to appreciate the qualities of your experience you can unbind your experience from the limits your vocabulary and enter Experiential Reality. (See Creating Possibility, Experiential Reality, Four Bodies, Mind, Nonlinear)

VICTIM - The Victim is an Archetypal Shadow World character who unconsciously uses the energy of sadness to create Low Drama in the service of your Gremlin. The Victim takes the Position of "I am not okay, you are okay," and uses that as justification to support self-pity, being betrayed, being resentful, blaming Persecutors, or manipulating Rescuers. A skilled Victim can make a Persecutor or Rescuer out of anyone and is therefore the most powerful character in a Low Drama. From the Archetypal perspective it is impossible to be a Victim because Irresponsibility is an illusion. (See Gremlin, Low Drama, Map of Possibility)

VICTIM STORY - A Victim Story is one of the three Stories played out in a Low Drama. At the core of every Victim Story is the false assumption "I am not okay." Your Gremlin part finds evidence to create the Victim Story as a reason to justify Irresponsible Actions that serve Shadow Principles. For example, once you have created a good enough Victim Story then you imagine that you have the right to take revenge! When Adult Responsible Man or Woman detects a Victim Story (their own or someone else's) they can use their Sword to make distinctions that produce a different perspective, for example, that a Victim Story can be an invitation to deeper Relationship. (See Choosing, Gremlin, Low Drama Detector, Relationship, Story, Sword, Victim)

VOICE BLASTER - A Possibility Management tool holstered in your Tool Belt that allows you to obliterate mental voices speaking irrelevancies into your head. Mental voices come from someone else or out of your past. As a way of surviving your Box made hearing such voices normal. When the familiar messages no longer come from outside then your Box maintains its "normal" by generating the voices itself. Voices can include both praise and blame about you or others, such as "I'm not good enough. I am the best. You are a failure. You are cool. I am an idiot. You won't like me." etc. Neither praise nor blame is effective communication because both of them are forms of manipulative conditioning. Every person is born with a Voice Blaster. If you never used your Voice Blaster before that may only be because no one told you it was there. Reach down and pull it out of its holster. It looks like holding an imaginary pistol in your hand. The Voice Blaster has an infinite number of bullets and never misses. Voices flutter about outside of your head like bats. You can vanish them with your Blaster. When the Blaster fires it makes a sound, "Bang!" For particularly pernicious voices some people prefer a machine-gun or bazooka style Voice Blaster. (See Low Drama, Rapid Learning, Swamp, Tool Belt)

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