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WINNING HAPPENING - Winning Happening is a Bright Principle and also a characteristic of High Drama. In contrast to Winning Happening, Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware has you create Gameworlds using "I win, you lose." In "I win, you lose" participants compete against each other for what appears to be limited resources. There is usually one winner and many losers. The assumption is: "If I do not win, I die," or "If you win, I die," neither of which is generally true. The "I win, you lose" game is a survival game. An upgrade was invented in the 1960's called: "I win, you win," sometimes abbreviated as "win-win." A potential defect of "I win, you win" is the "I" and the "you" which is often played out as "It is okay with me if you win as long as I win just a little bit more." Then you are back in "I win, you lose." Another fault with "win-win" is that it can easily default into "lose-lose" through compromising rather than creating truly new possibilities that provide what is wanted and needed. The process of rallying human intellectual capital for innovating new options is called Winning Happening. Winning Happening noticeably differs from "I win, you win" because there is no "I" and no "you." Winning Happening is itself a Principle, and Principles are bigger than the "I" and the "you." Winning Happening is the game where: "If you win, I win," or "If you win, we win." An example may be the doctor and the family winning when a patient heals, or a teacher and society winning when a student learns, or a consultant and the economy winning when a client is more successful. A strong sense of bonded teamwork arises when you experience the Principle of Winning Happening in operation. Winning Happening is the backbone of Possibility Management Meeting Technologies. (See Bright Principle, High Drama, Map of Possibility, Gameworld, Meeting Technology, Principle)

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