NCRTC specializes in four deliverables:

  1. COMMUNITY SHIFT Navigating evolutionary healing processes in complex dynamic groups such as communities, project teams, and villages.
  2. POSSIBILITY TRAINER TRAINING Training-up a particularly effective sort of Trainer called a Possibility Trainer in applying the tools, thoughtmaps and processes of Possibility Management, and training other Trainers.
  3. BRIDGE BUILDING TO ARCHEARCHY Facilitating the culture shift to a context that emerges from radical responsibility – called archearchy – through changing the conversation in talks, interviews, and multiple writing, gaming, and video projects.
  4. POSSIBILITY MANAGEMENT Developing, documenting and delivering new Possibility Management tools, thoughtmaps, and archearchal adulthood initiatory processes. Possibility Management is open-code, license free, and continuously evolving.




Founded in 1998 by Clinton Callahan, the team now known as NCRTC has evolved through a rapid series of moltings, shedding each identity as soon as new capacities were mature enough to stand on their own four feet.

Clinton Callahan originated Possibility Management, Expand The Box training, Possibility Labs and Trainer Labs. In creative collaboration with Possibility Trainers, training participants, and clients around the world, we have developed and refined most of the thoughtmaps, energetic tools, and initiatory processes that are used in the gameworld of Possibility Management thus far.

Descriptions of Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Lab await you on the Next Culture Trainings website

Because NCRTC, at core, is a research and training engine, spinning off projects is a natural side effect. Much of our work is ahead of its time, which is fortunate for our clients, because by the time they realize they need what we have to offer it is by then already rather well developed and effective. Global edgeworkers are especially delighted to find good company and fine distinctions combined to empower their unspeakably valiant and necessary efforts.

Today NCRTC spearheads producing the bridge-building thoughtware and social tools needed by those involved in bringing humanity out of the chapter of capitalistic patriarchal empire and into the age of archearchy: a cultural context that places adulthood initiatory process at its center, and surrounds it with creative collaboration between archetypally initiated adult women with archetypally initiated adult men.

Marion and Clinton Callahan no longer lead Expand The Box or Possibility Labs in German speaking countries because these trainings are already being excellently delivered by German speaking Trainers. Please find an overview of your trainers listed at http://nextculture.org/trainers/en.

Marion and Clinton Callahan deliver Trainer Labs, most often in Germany. We are also interested in supporting special projects such as ecovillages, intentional communities, transition towns, project teams, and centers located outside of Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland where we can help make Possibility Management trainings available until they can be led by local Trainers.